About PageStream

PageStream is one of the oldest names in desktop publishing software. From its first release in 1986, PageStream has been the publishing application of choice for tens of thousands of people.

PageStream began life as Publishing Partner for Atari computers in 1986 and was immediately called a "knockout program" by Personal Publishing magazine. Publishing Partner grew into PageStream and was released for Amiga computers in 1989. PageStream celebrated ten years of DTP excellence in 1996 with the release of PageStream3 for Macintosh and PowerMacintosh. Now, twenty years later, PageStream has grown to cover every popular computer and 22 languages!

PageStream Background 1985 - 1997

SectionIntroduction - 1985
Soft-Logik Publishing Corp. was founded in September 1985 by Deron Kazmaier and Shawn Fogle. They knew there was a niche in the desktop publishing market and started development on what was to become known as a major breakthrough in desktop publishing for the Atari ST/STe/TT and Commodore Amiga computers.

SectionFirst Products
SoftLogik marketed its first products for the Atari platform; Electro Solitaire, 21, Electro Calender and the Logiktron Clock Card. In April of 1986, SoftLogik began development on Publishing Partner ST, the first version of what was to later evolve into PageStream.

SectionKnock-out Program
Personal Publishing reviewed this first version of what grew into PageStream in 1986 and called it a "knockout program." PageStream went on to win every major Amiga and Atari award and has grown into a publishing powerhouse.

SectionEvolution: 1985 - 1992
Through these years, SoftLogik listened to considerable amount of feedback from customers on how to improve Publishing Partner, SoftLogik began development on Publishing Partner v2.0 which was marketed as Publishing Partner Professional and later in 1988, renamed to PageStream.

PageStream ST, Publishing Partner evolved through several updates starting with version 1.0 to major enhancements within version 1.8. In March 1989, after initial developments, SoftLogik released PageStream 1.5 for the Commodore Amiga platform.

PageStream matured into a serious desktop publishing program with version 2.0 combining highly advanced features, power and speed while maintaining its easy to use interface.

SectionAward Winning
PageStream 2 Amiga received the 1992 Amiga World Magazine Experts' Choice Award for Best Professional Amiga Desktop Publishing Program. In addition, PageStream Amiga received the Readers' Choice Award for Best Professional Amiga Desktop Publishing Program by Amazing Computing Magazine in 1992, 1993 and 1994.

SectionNew Products
1992 brought a series of new products and developments to SoftLogik. Deciding to expand the possibilities of PageStream and desktop publishing, SL released a "live" data interchange program for the Commodore Amiga: HotLinks.

In that same year, we also released the long awaited Art Expression Amiga illustration program. Art Expression brought a new level of drawing capability to the Amiga along with a variety of special effects features; such as gradient fills and text along a path.

SectionA New Era: 1993 - 1995
1993 brought the dawn of PageStream 3.0. PageStream3.0 was a completely new version of the #1 desktop publishing program. Adding a comprehensive list of features that users had requested, PageStream 3 surpassed its competition on any platform.

PageStream 3 gave users over 1000 new features to help create better pages. Professionals rely on PageStream for its precise typographic controls, advanced drawing features, stunning color output, and recordable scripts. Beginners love PageStream because its easy-to-learn interface simplifies the creation of newsletters, cards and banners.

PageStream 3 is more powerful than its predecessors but not more difficult.

Adding to SL's commitment to be one step ahead of the rest, in 1993, releases the first Amiga outline font editor: TypeSmith. TypeSmith is an indispensable program for users who want to create fonts, modify existing fonts or convert between Type 1, Type 3, Compugraphic or SL DMF font formats for use with PageStream and other popular Amiga applications.

Through its phenomenal response, TypeSmith continued in the tradition of PageStream with receiving the Readers' Choice Award for Best DTP Accessory Program by Amazing Computing Magazine in 1993 and 1994.

Furthering TypeSmith's usability, in 1994, SL adds a valuable key feature in version 2.5; the ability to create, modify, and convert True Type fonts. This expands Amiga users into the never-ending world of fonts available in Macintosh and IBM PC formats.

SectionBad News/Good News
In 1994, the unfortunate demise of Commodore Business Machines occurred. While Commodore's demise led other third-party Amiga software developers to following in their footsteps, SL's commitment of providing the highest standard of desktop publishing related products stands hold and continues on with several more new additions to its existing product line.

To expand the versatility of PageStream 3 Amiga, in 1995, SL created PageStream 3 extensions. These extensions add further functionality to the program. PageStream 3 extras included: Text FX, Gary's Effects, TrueType Font Engine, JPEG Filter, Wordworth Document Filter and Borders.

Text FX added to PageStream the ability to warp text inside of shapes and to bend it on curves. Text can be warped inside any of the 65 present shapes, or bent on the 15 preset curve paths. Users may also draw their own shapes and curves. TextFX was the best-selling extension to PageStream 3 for Amiga.

Gary's Effects is a collection of 12 effects filters for use with BME, a junior image processor included with PageStream3. BME is also available free online, eight effects are included with BME. The twelve new effects are: Average, Median, Maximum, Minimum, Equalize, Solarize, Threshold, Hue/Saturation, Gamma, Blur, Histogram, and Convolve. Convolve includes 20 presets.

The TrueType font engine for PageStream 3 lets users choose fonts from the huge selection of public domain, shareware, and commercial TrueType fonts. With this font engine, PageStream3 can print TrueType fonts to any type of printer with the same speed as PostScript and DMF fonts.

JPEG is a very popular format for video, photo and other graphic work. This filter allows for importing and exporting of JPEG pictures into PageStream 3 and BME.

The Wordworth document filter is a perfect companion to use with Wordworth and PageStream 3. The Wordworth filter allows PageStream 3 to open entire Wordworth documents, preserving document layout.

Borders are great for certificates, posters, coupons, cards or other documents. There are currently two volumes of Borders available, Basic Borders and Geo Borders. Each volume contains sixty decorative borders in a variety of designs.

Section10th Anniversary
Soft-Logik celebrated its tenth anniversary on September 11, 1995. In an industry where companies appear and disappear seemingly overnight, SL products have been in demand for Amiga and Atari computer owners for over a decade.

Soft-Logik unveiled the newest addition to its product line; PageStream for Macintosh.

PageStream for Macintosh had been eagerly awaited by many PageStream Atari and Amiga users .

Like other Macintosh publishing programs, PageStream can be used to set type, draw objects, and place graphics. It has extremely precise typography, professional printing, and a rich assortment of features.

PageStream differs from other DTP programs in that it has most of the drawing features of an illustration program, a powerful selection of unique features, and most importantly, an outstanding interface.

PageStream Windows released in 1999

PageStream4 released

PageStream Linux released in 2004

PageStream5 released in 2005

SectionThe Years Ahead
PageStream has become the #1 Amiga and Atari DTP program by being the best available. The Macintosh and Windows markets have entrenched market leaders, but our extensive experience as a pioneer in the DTP field will help us succeed where other DTP newcomers have failed.