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PageStream Overview
For Amiga, Linux, Macintosh and Windows

PageStream is a full-featured desktop publishing program. It is suitable for all levels of publishing, from simple newsletters to color advertisements to technical books. With PageStream you can create letters, colorful schoolwork, presentations, business cards and any other type of document. Thousands of people have been using PageStream for years to realize their dreams, from rubber stamps to airline livery!

Deron Kazmaier was one of the first to develop a desktop publishing program. The first version of PageStream, known at the time as Publishing Partner, was released in 1986 for Atari ST computers. Personal Publishing magazine reviewed it and called it a "knockout program".

Publishing Partner grew into PageStream and was released for Amiga computers in 1989. PageStream went on to win every major Amiga and Atari award. PageStream 4 is available for Windows, MacOS, Linux and AmigaOS.

SectionHow is PageStream different from other DTP programs?
Like other publishing programs, PageStream can be used to set type, draw objects, and place graphics. It has extremely precise typography, professional printing, and a rich assortment of features. PageStream differs from other DTP programs in that it has most of the drawing features of an illustration program, some unique features that Quark and Adobe haven't thought up yet, a lower price, and most importantly, an outstanding interface.

A Guided Tour of PageStream

This page highlights a few of the features of PageStream.

The start point for PageStream users is the Navigator. The Navigator is displayed when the program is first started and when all document windows are closed. It provides convenient one-click access to the most common initial tasks such as creating and opening documents. It also includes a tip feature to help new users learn more about PageStream.

The Toolbox is the heart of PageStream. Unlike most publishing programs, PageStream includes an extensive array of drawing and editing tools. In addition to drawing basic shapes such as boxes, ellipses, arcs, lines, and stars, PageStream users can draw complex paths with the Pen and Freehand tools. The ''Reshape'' tool allows users to add, delete, and remove path points, as well as join and split paths. The ''Crop'' tool is used to crop pictures, drawings and EPS objects.

SectionObject Manipulation
PageStream also offers powerful object manipulation features such as merge and split paths, convert to path, align, distribute, rotate, transform, and nested groups. Gradient fills, arrowheads, caps & joins, editable bitmapped fill patterns and dashed lines are some of the many line, fill and color attributes that can be applied to text and objects.

SectionPrecision Typography
Precision typography is another strong point of PageStream. Its kerning, tracking, leading, and type scaling are as precise as Quark XPress, but its automatic ligatures, configurable type styles, and extensive paragraph and character styles set it apart. PageStream also offers bulleted paragraphs, text rotation in 0.001 degree increments, paragraph spacing, decimal tabs, dot leaders, and many other text features.

SectionFrameless Text
Instead of creating a text frame for a small amount of text, users can simply click on the page with the ''Text'' tool to create a frameless text block. Just press Return at the end of each line. When a text block is resized, the text is scaled with it. Text blocks are ideal for captions, footers, and headlines.

SectionVariable-Shaped Text Frames
PageStream also offers text frames that can be linked in any order. In fact, any shape or path can be converted into a text frame. Text can be wrapped around any object. PageStream can even automatically generate a mask for pictures on white backgrounds so that text can be wrapped around the subject of the picture.

Each text frame can contain up to 99 columns. The combination of text frames, variable-shaped frames and frameless text blocks makes PageStream easier to use for novices, and more powerful for professional users.

SectionDocument Palette
The ''Document Palette'' allows users to divide long documents into chapters and subchapters. PageStream offers multiple master pages at any chapter level, each of which can be a different size and orientation. Pagination and chapter numbering can be set at the document, chapter and subchapter levels. Each chapter can include up to 9999 pages, and the total number of pages, master pages and chapters is limited only by available memory.

PageStream for Amiga, Linux, Macintosh, and Windows are file compatible and can load PageStream 2 for Amiga and Atari documents.

SectionPage Palette
The ''Page Palette'' allows for the visual arrangement of pages within a document or chapter. Pages can be joined together into horizontal and vertical page spreads with any number of pages in the spread. Unlike other Macintosh desktop publishers, pages do not need to be added in PageStream, although they may be inserted between existing pages.

SectionLayout Aids
PageStream offers the standard layout aids expected of a desktop publishing program rulers, guides and a snap-to-grid but with more options than most other programs. The combination of zero offset, ruler measurement direction, movable rulers, guide strength, and grid offset is unbeatable. Text and objects can be measured in eleven different measurement systems. PageStream also offers the ability to do math in text boxes.

SectionCustomizing PageStream
In fact, PageStream is more customizable than other desktop publishers. Autosave, auto backup, revision history, and nudge amount are just a few of the options that can be customized. Users can customize toolbox tools, including the ''Magnify'' tool which can set the view magnification from 5 to 3000%.

PageStream is the first known desktop publisher to offer recordable scripts. All actions can be recorded and scripts can be played back with the ''Script Palette'', function keys or ''Scripts'' menu. Hundreds of commands allow users full access to PageStream's features.

PageStream can print to any OS compatible printer. It offers advanced features including color separations, crop and registration marks, even/odd printing, discontinuous page ranges and PPD support for custom screen angles and frequencies. PageStream can also tile pages over multiple sheets of paper and print thumbnails.

SectionPageStream for Macintosh Q&A
Q.There have been other new DTP programs for the Mac in the past. What makes PageStream different?

A.PageStream for Macintosh isn't our first attempt at a DTP program like some of the others. It is the culmination of years of development and is used by tens of thousands of people around the world. The first version of PageStream (Publishing Partner) was even released before Quark XPress. We're biased, but we also think PageStream has a better interface and feature set than other recently released programs.

Q.You can't seriously think you're going to compete with XPress and PageMaker?

A.You're right, we don't have the marketing budget to compete with XP or PM, and yes, there are features that XP and PM have that we don't have (yet), but PageStream has many features that XP and PM lack. We think the majority of DTP users will find that PageStream meets their needs. We believe that there are many potential DTP purchasers whose needs have not been met by the existing Mac DTP programs.

Q.What features does PageStream have that XP and PM lack?

A.Here are some highlights: chapters, subchapters, object styles, frameless text, Polygon/Star tool, ''Pen'' tool, ''Freehand'' tool, add/remove/split/join points, Merge and Split paths, recordable internal scripts and a configurable ''Scripts'' menu.

SectionHow to Buy PageStream for Windows, MacOS, Linux and Amiga
PageStream is currently available in stores or from mail order firms that cater to Amiga products. You can also order by direct from us. Click here for purchasing instructions.

SectionPageStream Pro
PageStream offers a modular plug-in architecture which allows the program to be extended. The professional version of PageStream includes a number of add ons that were sold seperately as well as advanced typographic and graphics capabilities.