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Translations, Language Modules, Hyphenation Exception and Spelling Dictionaries

We have completed our work on a new method of providing translations that are usable on any platform. All translations marked as "Yes" or "Beta" are currently included in all v5 and v4.1.6 and later releases. Those marked "Available" are in Alpha stage and need a native speaker to take a look at them. To use an existing translation, or to translate PageStream to another language, take a look at the file Readme.Localizing.txt in the program download archive.

Most of the languages listed in this table already have a language module in PageStream that controls localization of open/close quotes, date, time, and other document variables plus general hyphenation rules. To create a new language module, a relatively simple text file is edited.

The hyphenation exception dictionaries and/or spelling dictionaries are provided in .zip format, and can be used with all the PageStream platforms (Amiga, Linux, Macintosh, and Windows). Just download these files and decompress the contents into the SoftLogik/Engines folder. The American spelling and hyphenation exception dictionaries are in the standard PageStream installs, but are included here as well for completeness.

If there is a language translation or module that is not listed here that you would like to see support in PageStream for, just contact us at Details in translating are also contained in every release of PageStream5 in the file ReadMe.Localizing.txt. Thanks!

Language Support
 Language TranslationModuleHyphenation
AmericanYesYesYesYesDict-American.zip450,896 bytes
BritishNoYesYesYesDict-British.zip533,214 bytes
CatalĂ (Catalan)AvailableNoNoNo  
Dansk(Danish)AvailableYesNoYesDict-Dansk.zip982,404 bytes
Deutsch(German)YesYesNoYesDict-Deutsch.zip1,042,692 bytes
Espanol(Spanish)YesYesNoYesDict-Espanol.zip521,007 bytes
Francais(French)YesYesNoYesDict-Francais.zip444,775 bytes
Greek(Greek)BetaYesYesNoDict-Greek.zip175 bytes
Italiano(Italian)AvailableYesYesYesDict-Italiano.zip497,702 bytes
Nederlands(Dutch)YesYesYesYesDict-Nederlands.zip1,861,534 bytes
Norsk(Norwegian)NoYesNoYesDict-Norsk.zip1,273,166 bytes
Polski(Polish)YesYesYesYesDict-Polski.zip2,366,234 bytes
Portuguese(Portuguese)AvailableYesYesNoDict-Portuguese.zip187 bytes
Russian(Russian)BetaNoNoYesDict-Russian.zip3,507,567 bytes
Slovenian(Slovenian)NoYesNoYesDict-Slovenian.zip562,094 bytes
Srpski(Serbian)AvailableYesYesNoDict-Srpski.zip609 bytes
Suomi(Finnish)NoYesNoYesDict-Suomi.zip351,433 bytes
Svenska(Swedish)AvailableYesNoYesDict-Svenska.zip995,911 bytes