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We host several PageStream mailing lists to facilitate the open dicussion of PageStream use and beta testing. This is the best way to get free technical support. You must subscribe to the mailing list before posting messages to the list. The PageStreamSupport mailing list is for the non-beta releases of PageStream. We also host four other mailing list for Amiga, Linux, Macintosh and Windows specific testing of prerelease and beta versions of PageStream.

* Questions about PageStream and addon products.
* Questions about publishing with PageStream and addon products.
* Replies to questions posted by others.
* Your tips, tricks, and advice for using PageStream and addon products.

* Topics unrelated to PageStream and addon products.
* Personal messages to a single subscriber.
* If you aren't sure of your facts, don't post it.
* Don't post subscribe and unsubscribe commands to the mailing list address. Send those to the request addressess or handle it via the web.

Never post your PageStream password to the list, or share it with anybody. Your password should be secret.

If you change your email account, please unsubscribe from the list first. If list messages to your account are returned for more than a few days in a row, you will be unsubscribed. This isn't automatic and its annoying to have your bounced messages forwarded to our technical support email account, so please be courteous and do it yourself.

When replying to a list message, please quote only the part of the message that is relevant---never quote an entire digest.

If your email software doesn't break digests into individual messages, remember to change the subject of your email when replying to a digest so that other readers can know the subject of your message without reading its contents.

Never attach files to list messages. If you use email software such as Microsoft Mail, remember to configure it to send unformatted messages to the Internet. If you don't, all of your messages will have undesired attachments.

Do not use long signature blocks, especially if you are a frequent poster. You know your signature block is too long when it's longer than your messages!

Please use your full (real) name when posting to the list.


1. Check the ReadMe file included with PageStream for information that may pertain to your problem.

2. Check the troubleshooting section of the help system for suggestions.

3. Test other files in PageStream and with other programs. Try to narrow down the problem to get more helpful solutions.

4. Make sure your equipment is properly connected.

5. Remove optional extensions and utilities that are run automatically when you start your computer and which could conflict with PageStream.

6. Know your program version, computer hardware, operating system, and registration number. If posting in the public forums, please do not share your registration number.

Instructions on how to join and modify your preferences follow.

    PageStream Support Mailing List
    Amiga Beta Mailing List
    Linux Beta Mailing List
    Macintosh Beta Mailing List
    Windows Beta Mailing List


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User Contributed Comments For PageStream Mailing Lists
Neil Pearson wrote...2022-11-15 20:29:23

The Beta Mailing Lists at Yahoogroups for any of the supported platforms for PageStream no longer exist, and their contents are basically held here, though some seem to be in a truncated format.

Any comments intended for such discussion should be added onto an existing thread, or a new thread (subject) on these forum pages, just choose a pertinent subject title, once you have exhausted the available documentation pages and forums for any answer(s) you seek. Smile

User Contributed Comments For PageStream Mailing Lists