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Projects - DoReMe Controller updated:2020-03-10 15:11:39
[title]DoReMe Controller for iOS[/title] [img="/Images/Resume/DoReMe/DoReMe-thumbnail.png" align=left]This was just a fun (well, my kind of fun) little app needed by a Chicago based newsroom. They had an old DoReMe digital video recorder/playback machine that used expensive, whole system, proprietary remote equipment to initial playback in live...

Projects - Razercut updated:2020-03-04 15:33:45
[title]Razercut for iOS and Android[/title] [video="/Images/Resume/Razercut/spot RAZERCUT BIRDS V8.mp4" align=right] [video="/Images/Resume/Razercut/spot RAZERCUT FOUNTAIN V8.mp4" align=right] Apple App Store preview

EquusHD updated:2020-03-03 11:58:12
[title]EquusHD[/title] [video="/Images/Resume/EquusHD/Peter 72_h264.mp4" align=right]This project started out on EquusHD as a new way to market horses in the South Florida area. Local experts reviewed them in video which was distributed along with details in a PDF file. Back in 2008 this project was considered cutting edge, delivering video to...

Projects - Geographic Boundary Editor updated:2020-03-03 10:25:47
[title]Geographic Boundary Editor[/title] This was just an in-house tool that I needed to help create geographic boundaries for a location service I wrote. There are a number of public domain and open source map repositories but they are often in different formats and/or contain information unnecessary for this project. The first use for this tool was to...

Projects - Quad Beverage Antennae Modeling updated:2020-03-02 19:45:43
[title]Quad Beverage Antennae Modeling[/title]

Projects updated:2020-03-02 18:17:52
[title]Projects[/title] Here is a sampling of the software projects I have been either the lead, or sole, software engineer for. Having just created this page, I am trying to get them listed with a brief write up (with screenshots when possible). If you are curious and want more information on a project, just drop me a line. My email address,...

Projects - ffmpeg Blackmagic Decklink Module updated:2020-03-02 15:56:59
[title]ffmpeg Blackmagic Decklink Module[/title]

Projects - Blumark Laboratories Web Site updated:2020-03-02 15:55:16
[title]Blumark Laboratories Web Site[/title]

Projects - Speach-To-Text Closed Caption Generation updated:2020-03-02 15:54:27
[title]Speach-To-Text Closed Caption Generation[/title]

Projects - Over-The-Air Stream Originator updated:2020-03-02 14:58:52
[title]Over-The-Air Stream Originator[/title]

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