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PageStream Demo Macintosh-OSX
Dated 2012-09-20 - 29,497,186 bytes

Recorded changes to - September 17th, 2012
+ Custom fill and stroke for text styles (rules,underlines,shadows, etc) can be used in styletags.
+ Fixed random menu items being disabled.
+ Fixed illegal memory access when loading/importing paths.
+ Improved next/previous article page number in text objects with multiple article on page.
+ Added ability to hyphenation a text file.
+ Fixed export of internal macro to external script file.
+ JPEG: Added suport for loading and saving ICC Profiles.
+ TIF: Added suport for loading and saving ICC Profiles.
+ IFF ILBM: Added suport for loading and saving ICC Profiles.
+ PNG: Added suport for loading and saving ICC Profiles.
+ Updated to lcms (little color management system) v2.
+ Added supporot for block and column reading of images with alpha mask.
+ First version to start implmentation of text shaping/bidirection test support. No new features except through test interface, but the real hope is no change to existing text features. Another long development cycle feature like Mac Cocoa support.
+ Yet more work to support unlimited file path lengths including SoftLogikApp functions, bitmap vm paths.
+ BME: Support for loading/saving ICC profiles with bitmaps, and using them when converting etc.
+ BME: Added alpha mask support.
+ WIN: Fixed a bug in multiline control.
+ MAC: Removed pre 10.4 support. The current round of Mac development tools no longer allow compiling for 10.3 and earlier. Code still available should this prove problamatic for customers.
+ Lunux: Fixed bug in menu key codes.
+ Amiga: Fixed control key shortcut support.
+ Improved error checking in pixel rendering.
+ MAC: Fixed display of non-ascii characters in document and color palettes (and a few other places).
+ When window default position would cause the window to be too small, or off the screen, those values are ignored and the default document position is used instead.
+ MAC: Fixed copy/paste, highlighting, cursor forms, and more in Lion (10.7).
+ MAC: Many parts rewritten for Cocoa, now that Apple has changed development direction... So much more to go before 10.9... Ugghh..
+ When exporting to a bitmap while recording a macro, the bitmap type, alpha mask, and dpi are now recorded (the command itself has been available since
+ Fixed path math (union, subtraction etc) crash when zero length line/curve segments in path.
+ Added new script command DOPICTUREFX to execute effects on images in PageStream.
** DOPICTUREFX [EFFECT modulename] [effect specific commands]
** [DOCUMENT document | WINDOW document-window | OBJECTID objectid]
+ Changed default palette locations to be distributed along right hand side of screen.
+ New Deutsch translations for Console, CreateBorder, FontSpec and SendToTextEditor scripts.
+ Refined File->New and Navigator New tip to reflect the change in operation
+ Fixed downsampling of rescaled images to PDF. The downsample/reduce resolution option in PDF compression panel only worked properly when the image was not scaled in PageStream.
+ Translated old arexx script AutomaticTextFrame to python. This script will add another linked column after the current (last) column in an article. It will create the new column the size of the last frame or masterpage default based on the automatic text frames preference item.
+ Added new script "" which will load all PageStream documents in a folder and save them as PDF.
+ Added new Insert->Article Name option. Works like Next/Prev Frame #. If you use this in a text object or single column article, it will use the name of the nearest article to the text object/single frame article that the command is used in.
+ Added new parameter ARTICLE to INSERTNAME script command:
** MARK marknumber | FIGURE figurenumber | INDEXMARK indexmarknumber | PGS40:INDEXTOPIC indextopicnumber]
** [DOCUMENT document | WINDOW document~window]
+ Improved selection of article to use when text object uses Next/Previous frame page number command.
+ Added chunk CSET support to IFF FTXT import/export (and Amiga clipboard)
+ Added IANAMIBenum number to character sets for matching
+ Fixed saving of script shortcuts
+ Exporting and playing of external scripts now support unlimited folder depth/path length.
+ Fixed corruption/possible crash when opening Page Palette with a document using page spreads.
+ Fixed bug in Insert Character which would cause font to not get set when changed in Insert dialog.
+ Changed the Insert Character dialog so it stays open and you must Close it when done. Insert will insert the currently selected character in the currently selected font and remain open.
+ Fix hang when dealing with nonesense (0 width) default tab stop.
+ Fixed old bug where opening the Page palette while a document with page spreads open could cause a crash at some point.
+ Shouldn't let windows now open off screen or smaller than 100x100 (damaged
+ PDF: added support for ICC based images in PDF files.
+ PDF: Added several sanity checks to loading of PDF files to improve stability.
+ Fixed error loading PDF document from desktop, and also added progress meter when opening a file from the desktop.
+ MAC: Reduced flyout tool delay by 1/3 from 3/10 of a second to 2/10 of a second.
+ WIN: Improvement to saving and restoring previous application frame state.
+ WIN: Changed all text interactions between PageStream and Windows to use UTF-16/Wide characters for better Unicode support. Uggh…
+ Fixed handling of 64bit numbers saved in attributes and text streams.
+ Amiga: Added topbar gadgets support.
+ Amiga: Fixed yet another Amiga compiler error that was preventing colors from loading.
+ Amiga: Fixed context sensitive menus.
+ Amiga: Fixed display of mini-menus, but they don't do anything yet.
+ Amiga: Fixed font list gadget, as used in the Font dialog box. Still crashes with a double click, so don't do that!
+ Amiga: Subrequesters fixed.
+ Amiga: Fixed Draw (+) cursor.
+ IFF FTXT: Added IANAMIB enum attribute to character set handling.
+ Scanning python libraries to try and determin API version.

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