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LockInterface updated:2006-03-30 15:39:29 last comment:2006-07-12 13:36:42
LOCKINTERFACE System Commands Locks the PageStream interface to prevent the user from doing anything. lockinterface toggle/k The interface lock status. Options: TRUE | FALSE. Examples: lockinterface true

GetStyleTag updated:2006-07-11 13:48:53
Gets the {...} . GetStyleTag ([TYPE &type<>][NEXTSTYLETAG &nexttagname] [LOCKED &flag<TRUE | FALSE>] [USAGE &flag<INTERNAL|DRAWING>] [PGS40:INTOC &flag<TRUE|FALSE>] [STYLETAG document:...-tagname]) Parameters: Results: Notes: a = b + c See Also: Examples: Python: >>> print...

GetStyleTagData updated:2006-05-04 16:47:47 last comment:2006-07-10 09:17:56
Gets the {...} . GetStyleTagData ([TYPEFONT &font][TYPESIZE &size][TYPEWIDTH &width][RGBCOLOR &r &g &b][CMYKCOLOR &c &m &y &k] [STYLETAG document:...-tagname]) Parameters: Results: Notes: See Also: Examples: Python: ARexx: Applescript: ...

GetColors updated:2006-07-10 08:50:09
Gets the {...} . count = GetColors (&names/.0.1... [DOCUMENT document | CHAPTER document:... | WINDOW document-window]) Parameters: Results: Notes: This retrieves only the colors defined in a Document or Chapter level. If you want a list of all colors defined in all levels, you would need to recursive scan all chapters (and sub-chapters). See Also: ...

SetStyleTag updated:2006-05-03 11:40:30 last comment:2006-07-10 08:40:37
Sets the Next Style and other options of a style tag. setstyletag ([NEXTSTYLETAG nextstyle] [STYLETAG name]) nextstyle/s The Next Style for a style tag. STYLETAG/s The name of the style tag to change. Examples: setstyletag nextstyle 'Body Text' styletag 'Headline' ...

Putting Text on the Page updated:2006-07-08 20:00:49

Typing and Importing text updated:2006-07-08 18:37:49

Creating Tables updated:2006-07-06 21:10:41
Tables are a special object type that contains text in individual cells that make up the table. The contents of a cell can also be the result of calulcations performed on the numerical values of other cells much like a spreedsheet. 1. Select the Table tool from the toolbox. The mouse pointer will change to a drawing crosshair. Drawing Crosshair Pointer 2....

Creating Text Blocks updated:2006-07-06 21:08:57
Text frames are useful because the text in them can be word wrapped. Text blocks lack defined right and bottom margins so you must press Return at the end of each line. They are intended for short blocks of text such as titles, captions, TextFX, headers and footers, and cannot be linked together like text frames. On the other hand, you can resize the text...

Text Frame Options updated:2006-07-06 21:07:50
To change the number of columns in a text frame after creating it: Select the frame with the ''Object'' tool. Choose ''Text Frame Options'' from the ''Fram''e submenu in the ''Object'' menu to display the ''Text Frame Options'' dialog box. Ticking the...

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