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Character Attributes updated:2006-07-20 16:28:38

Applying Text Attributes with the Edit Palette updated:2006-07-20 16:28:18
The easiest way to apply attributes is to choose them from the Edit Palette. To display the Edit Palette, choose Show Edit Palette from the Window menu. When you enter a value in a text box in the Edit Palette, press Tab to move to the next text box without applying the change immediately. Click the Apply button to apply the changes, or press Return....

Applying Text Attributes with the Eyedropper Tool updated:2006-07-20 16:20:28
The Eyedropper tool picks up attributes from one location and pastes them in another. You can paste the copied attributes as many times as you want, and you can pick up new attributes at any time. How to apply text attributes with the Eyedropper tool: Eyedropper tool 1. Choose the Eyedropper tool from the Toolbox. The mouse pointer will change to an empty...

Finding and Changing Text Attributes updated:2006-07-20 16:15:19
1. Choose Find/Change Attributes from the Edit menu. The Find/Change Attributes dialog box will appear. 2. Define the text attributes to find. Click the Edit button to the right of the Find text display box. The Attributes dialog box will appear. Enter the attributes you want to find in the text. To clear the attributes list in the Find text display box,...

Finding and Changing updated:2006-07-20 16:03:46
PageStream allows you to search for a specific text string and, optionally, replace it with another text string. PageStream also allows you to find and replace text attributes. You can search within a selected range of text, in an article, or throughout a document.

Selecting Text updated:2006-07-20 15:42:59
You can modify all or part of the text entered into the document by selecting it and then choosing a text command. PageStream provides several ways to select text: Text Tool For each of the following methods, start by choosing the Text tool. Drag selection: Align the mouse I-bar cursor at the beginning of the text to be selected. Hold the mouse button down...

Smilies updated:2006-07-19 12:16:25
8) Cool 8-) Cool :( Sad :) Smile :-( Sad :-) Smile :-? Confused :-D Very Happy :-o Surprised :-P Razz :-x Mad :? Confused :D Very Happy :o Surprised :P Razz :x Mad :| Neutral ;-) Wink :!: Exclaim :?: Question :argue: Argue :arrow: Arrow :banghead: Bang your head :clap: Clap :crazy: Crazy :cry: Cry :cry: Crying (very sad) :dance: Do...

BBCodes updated:2006-07-19 11:58:17
Special Symbols HTML named entities [&quot] for " Ascii/UTF-8 characters [#91][#93] for [] Basic Style Markup Bold [b]bold[/b] bold. Italics [i]italics[/i] italics. Underline [u]underline[/u] underline. Strike-through [strike]strike-through[/strike]...

PageStream Web Site Documentation updated:2006-07-13 14:26:05
The PageStream web site strives to be a comprehensive collection of all-things PageStream. For help on using this web site, the following chapters may be useful.

Refresh updated:2006-03-30 20:08:12 last comment:2006-07-12 13:41:01
REFRESH System Commands Toggles screen updates so that commands can be executed without causing a screen redraw. refresh [ALL | DOCUMENT name | WINDOW name] status/k Sets the refresh status. Options: OFF Turns refresh off and does not remember what needs updating. WAIT Turns refresh off and remembers what needs updating. ON...

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