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Closing a Picture updated:2006-08-17 15:53:52
You can close a picture window when you are finished working with a picture. Choose the Close command from the File menu or click on the close button of the window to close it.

Saving a Picture updated:2006-08-17 15:42:11
You should save your pictures before closing them to preserve the changes you have made. BME can save pictures in any of the bitmap picture formats supported by PageStream. To save a picture for the first time: Choose the Save command from the File menu to save the picture in the default picture format. To save a picture again: Choose the Save command from...

Creating a New Picture updated:2006-08-17 15:41:01
You may occasionally want to create a new bitmap picture from scratch with BME. You will normally create pictures with paint programs or scanning software. To create a new picture: Choose the New item from the File menu. The New Picture dialog box will open. Choose a picture type, size and resolution. ...

Color Display updated:2006-08-17 15:40:10
BME displays pictures as best as it can given the number of available screen colors. However, because it is a true color image processing program, BME's internal picture data remains unchanged no matter the screen's color depth. For example, opening a 24 bit (16 million color) picture on a 256 color screen will not change the picture data in BME. Naturally,...

Opening a Picture updated:2006-08-17 15:38:32
You can open existing bitmap pictures to modify them or convert them to another format. BME can open pictures in any of the bitmap picture formats supported by PageStream because the programs share the same graphic filters. Import and export filters are used by BME to open and save pictures. Refer to PageStream's list of supported graphic formats for more...

AddArexxGadget updated:2006-08-17 15:09:35
Adds a control to an allocated dialog box. addarexxgadget <dbox type left top width [height]> [LABEL name] [LABELPOS pos] [STRING text] [BORDER style] [CHECKED status] [LIST handle] [CURRENT value] [TOTAL value] dbox/i The dialog box handle. type/k The control type to add. Options: EXIT | STRING | MULTILINE | TEXT | CHECKBOX | POPUP | CYCLE |...

A Commands updated:2006-08-17 15:02:06
PageStream A Command Reference

Using Arexx updated:2006-08-16 20:11:54
How to use PageStream with the Arexx scripting language. Any external sites on learning basic arexx?

Internal Scripts updated:2006-08-16 19:37:20
Using scripts inside PageStream? Not sure this should just remain only in the PageStream user reference.

Introduction updated:2006-08-16 17:46:20
Introduction to scripting with PageStream.

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