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Reports updated:2019-12-19 20:19:33
PageStream can report information about the current document or chapter, and lets you save the information as a text file. Displaying information: Choose Report from the Layout menu. To generate a report on a chapter, select the chapter from the Document Level pop-up. Check or uncheck the options to see the information you want to display. * Fonts: Check...

Introduction updated:2019-12-19 20:14:38
PageStream offers three ways to put text on a page: text frames, text blocks, and tables. Text frames are containers in which text may be entered. Most text frames are rectangular text column frames with one or more columns. Text frames created from irregular shapes are referred to as text shape frames. Text column frames are normally used for the body text...

Changing measurement systems updated:2019-12-19 20:13:55
To set the measurement systems: Choose Preferences from the File menu to display the Preferences dialog box. Click on the Measurement item to display the Measurement panel. Select a horizontal measurement. If you want to use the same system for vertical and relative measurements, set them to Same As Horizontal; otherwise select their measurement systems....

Changing the rulers updated:2019-12-19 20:08:41
The rulers normally display the horizontal and vertical measurement systems, but you can override the ruler defaults in a window. To set the rulers' measurement systems: Choose Set Rulers from the Layout menu to display the Set Rulers dialog box. If you want to use the default measurement systems, select Same As Measurement System from the horizontal and...

Introduction updated:2019-12-19 20:07:56
PageStream can number your pages and chapters automatically. Pages are numbered consecutively from first to last, but you can change the starting page number to any number. Note that the range of allowed page numbers is 1 to 9999, regardless of the number of pages in a document or the starting page number. Pages at the document level are numbered before...

Creating Master Pages updated:2019-12-19 20:04:48
When you create a new document, you automatically create a master page named Default Master Page. All pages in the document will default to this master page. You can create more master pages at any time. You may wish to have other master pages so that you can place different objects on each one, or you may wish to have master pages with different guides and...

Page Spreads updated:2019-12-19 19:20:45
Spreads are pages joined together so that objects can be bled across the pages. Page spreads are often used for folding brochures, foldout sections, or magazine layouts in which pictures overlap two pages. There is no limit to the number of pages in a spread, other than the maximum page size can not be exceeded by the sum of the individual page sizes. ...

Introduction updated:2019-12-19 19:18:21
You can create your text directly in PageStream or import it from another program. You must select the Text tool before you enter new text or edit existing text. When the Text tool is selected, the mouse pointer will change to the text cursor shape. Text Cursor You must position the insertion point (text cursor) before you can enter text. The insertion...

Exporting Text updated:2019-12-19 19:17:32
PageStream allows you to export text so that it can be edited in another program or later in another publication. Filters translate PageStream's text into a format that can be understood by text editors and word processors. You can export text in the following text formats: Export text filters included with PageStream: * ASCII: Plain text files. You will...

Typing Text updated:2019-12-19 19:16:24
As you type text in a text frame, PageStream will automatically wrap the text when you reach the right margin. Press the Return key only when you want to end a paragraph. When you type in a text block, you must press Return at the end of each line because there is no right margin. Moving the insertion point: There are two ways to move the insertion point: *...

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