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Next updated:2006-08-19 16:54:15
Moves the insertion point to the next word or paragraph. next <WORD | PARAGRAPH> WORD moves the insertion point to the next word. PARAGRAPH moves the insertion point to the next paragraph. See also Position, Cursor, Previous Examples: ARexx: next word

New updated:2006-08-19 16:06:29
Opens a text window for a new text article. new (no parameters) Examples: ARexx: new

N Commands updated:2006-08-19 15:58:56
PageLiner N Command Reference

Insert updated:2006-08-19 15:31:53
Inserts a text file at the insertion point. insert [filepath] filepath/f The filename and path of the text file to insert. Notes: If the filepath is omitted, the ASL file requester will open. Example: ARexx: insert 'PageStream:Text/Report.text'

I Commands updated:2006-08-19 14:58:57
PageLiner I Command Reference

Help updated:2006-08-19 14:55:56
Displays the help system. help (no parameters) Examples: ARexx: help

H Commands updated:2006-08-19 14:22:58
PageLiner H Command Reference

GetArticle updated:2006-08-19 14:20:34
Queries PageLiner to find if an article is open. getarticle <name> name/s The name of the article to check. Errors: Returns 10 to RC if the article is not open. Examples: ARexx: getarticle if rc~=0 then say 'Article is open.' else say 'Article is not open!'...

GetArea updated:2006-08-19 14:14:13
Gets the selected text. getarea (no parameters) Results: The selected text will be stored in the RESULT variable. Carriage returns will be inserted into the text as \\n. Examples: ARexx: getarea say result

Troubleshooting updated:2006-08-19 14:12:44
Problem: Some pictures do not display with Firefox. Solution: In Preferences/Content (or Tools/Options/Content depending on the version), uncheck "Load images for the originating website only".

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