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How do I...? updated:2019-12-19 20:33:12
How do I customize the toolbar?: Choose Preferences from the Project menu and click on the Toolbar tab of the Preferences dialog box. Select a command, tool or script to add in the left scrolling list and then click the >> button. Click the Up and Down buttons to reorder the added buttons in the right scrolling list. Click Insert Space to add space...

Document Window updated:2019-12-19 20:32:37
When creating a new document or loading an existing document, a document window opens containing the first page. Each document displays in its own window, and more than one window for each document can be opened at any time. One window will always be the active window, and thus its document will be the active document. To activate a window, click on the...

Spell Checking updated:2019-12-19 20:32:04
PageStream can check the spelling of the whole document. It compares your words against those in a dictionary and alerts you when it finds words that are either misspelled or unknown. When it checks the spelling, PageStream will automatically choose the correct dictionary for the words it checks, based on what language has been chosen with the Language...

Front Page updated:2019-12-19 20:29:17
Welcome to the home of PageStream! PageStream is a quality full featured desktop publishing/page layout program that gives you the tools you need to create the designs you desire. Everything from church newsletters to company perspectives, multi-volume product documentation to invitations for your family events can be created in PageStream. Full color...

Creating Text Frames and Text Blocks updated:2019-12-19 20:28:42
Most body text is entered into text frames. Text blocks are used for limited amounts of text. Unlike text frames, text blocks do not have defined right or bottom edges. When you resize a text frame or table, its text reflows; when you resize a text block, the text in it scales to match the new text block size. How to create text column frames: 1. Choose...

Selecting and Editing Text updated:2019-12-19 20:27:48
The Text tool can be used to select, change or delete text. Selecting text: To select a range of text: Drag the text cursor over the text to select, or extended or contract the selected range of text using the cursor keys will holding down a Shift key. To select a word or paragraph: Double or triple click, respectively, on the text. To select all of the...

Typing Text updated:2019-12-19 20:26:57
You must start a text block or position the insertion point in a text frame before you can type. The insertion point is a flashing vertical line that indicates where text you enter will be inserted. How to type text: 1. Choose the Text tool. The mouse pointer will change to the text cursor. Text Cursor Click with the text cursor to position the insertion...

How do I...? updated:2019-12-19 20:26:23
How do I create a new document?: [/note]Click on the blank page icon of the toolbar or choose New from the File menu. Select a page size and orientation, and select Double-Sided and Facing Pages if your document will have a layout that differs on left and right pages. Click OK. How do I open a document?: [note=sidebar]Click on the folder icon of the toolbar...

Manual Kerning updated:2019-12-19 20:22:18
You may want to manually kern headlines or other large type. The kerning pairs built into most fonts are designed for use at body type sizes. If you use large type you may have to manually kern the characters to achieve optimum character spacing. Manual kerning will kern only the characters on either side of the insertion point. Kerning is measured as a...

Why...? updated:2019-12-19 20:20:37
Why can't I open my PageStream 2 documents with PageStream Macintosh?: PageStream 2.2 documents are not MacOS files because they were created on non-Macintosh computers. To see them listed in PageStream's file selectors, you must select Show All Files from the Files tab of the Preferences dialog box. Documents older than version 2.2 must be saved from...

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