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Changing Brush Colors updated:2006-09-02 21:07:45
The ''Color Palette'' allows you to change the foreground and background colors. Choose ''Show Color Palette'' from the ''Window'' menu to display the ''Color Palette''. The left side of the palette allows you to select whether to set the foreground or background color. Click...

Creating and Editing Colors updated:2006-09-02 21:05:46
To apply a color: Choose ''Line & Fill'' from the ''Type'' or ''Object'' menu, as appropriate. Click on the ''Line'' tab and select the line color from the ''Color'' pop-up menu. Click on the ''Fill'' tab and select the fill color from...

Transforming Objects updated:2006-09-02 16:10:37
PageStream can make multiple copies of selected objects and change the copies in a variety of ways. The ''Transform'' command combines the ''Duplicate'', and ''Rotate'' commands into a powerful step and repeat function. To transform objects: Select the object(s) with the...

Editing Objects updated:2006-09-01 21:49:34
The ''Edit Palette'' allows you to precisely move, scale and manipulate objects. When you enter a value in a text box in the ''Edit Palette'', press Tab to move to the next text box without applying the change immediately. Click the ''Apply'' button to apply the changes, or press Return. (AmigaOS...

Masking Graphics updated:2006-09-01 21:41:11
To mask a graphic: Draw a shape or path and put it on top of the graphic to mask. Select both the graphic and the shape or path with the ''Object'' tool. Choose ''Mask Graphic'' from the ''Mask'' submenu in the ''Object'' menu. If you wrap text around the graphic, it will now...

Cropping Graphics updated:2006-08-31 21:19:09
When you import a graphic, PageStream automatically places it into a frame. The frame will exactly match the size of the graphic. If you scale the graphic with the ''Object'' tool, the graphic and frame will be scaled together. PageStream allows you to crop graphics by scaling the frame independently of the graphic, and to move the...

Revision History updated:2006-08-31 20:36:52
The ''Revision History'' dialog box opens when you choose ''Revision History'' from the ''Layout'' menu. This dialog box allows you to create new revision log entries, edit any existing entries, and delete entries. To edit an existing entry: Select the entry from the scrolling list and click...

Paragraph Type updated:2006-08-31 16:43:10
You can change the paragraph type to bulleted to have PageStream automatically insert a bullet at the beginning of a paragraph, you can change the paragraph type to be incrementally numbered, and you can change the paragraph type to drop cap to have PageStream automatically insert a drop cap at the beginning of a paragraph. To make a paragraph bulleted:...

Layout updated:2006-08-31 16:17:47
Master Page Setup Opens the ''Master Page Setup'' dialog box allowing you to change the attributes of the current master page, i.e., page size and orientation, margin and column guides, and the double-sided and facing pages modes. See: Documents > Master Pages Page Setup Opens the ''Page Setup'' dialog box allowing...

HHV User Documentation updated:2006-08-31 16:12:32
PageStream 3.3 and later includes HHV (HTML Help Viewer), a program designed to help you navigate the online help files. While HHV allows you to view basic HTML files, it is not intended to be a fully fleshed-out HTML/Internet browser. For that purpose, you might want to use your regular Internet browser. HHV is designed to be used in conjunction with...

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