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Table of Contents updated:2019-12-24 11:48:31
[subhead]Getting Started[/subhead] Exploring PageStream The Navigator Creating a New Document Opening a Document Saving a Document The PageStream Screen Using Objects Introduction Drawing Shapes and Paths Drawing Text Frames and Tables Importing Graphics Selecting Objects Moving and Resizing Objects Using Text Creating Text Frames...

Toolbar updated:2019-12-19 20:41:33
You can select common PageStream features by clicking on Toolbar buttons. Click on a button to select it. Some buttons may be dimmed or unavailable depending on the current selection and document status. The contents of the Toolbar can be configured via the Toolbar panel in Preferences. Below are the default settings for the Toolbar and their functions: ...

Exploring PageStream updated:2019-12-19 20:40:28
PageStream gives you a blank page on which to mix text and graphics to create a finished page design. Text and graphics can be imported from other sources or created directly in PageStream and then arranged on the page. PageStream allows you to combine text and graphics without restrictions. It has a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get, or WYSIWYG display, so that...

The Type Panel updated:2019-12-19 20:39:56
Smart Dashes: Select to enable dash conversion. When this option is on, two dashes typed successively will be converted to an en dash, and three dashes will be converted to an em dash. Regular Dash En Dash Em Dash Smart Bullets: Select to enable conversion to bullets. When this option is on, typing an asterisk will enter a bullet. Type two asterisks...

How to Open an Existing Document updated:2019-12-19 20:39:17
1. Choose Open from the File menu. Select a document from the Open file selector. If Show All Files in File Selector is not selected in the File panel of the Preferences dialog box, PageStream will only display those files which are identified as being loadable by PageStream. Amiga Users: PageStream uses a custom file filtering hook to scan each file to...

Toolbox updated:2019-12-19 20:38:24
The Toolbox allows you to change program modes and to draw and manipulate objects. Click on a tool to select it. Only one tool may be selected at once. Some tools are combined in flyout tool groups and may be hidden. To select these, click on the tool flyout group and drag out. Object group Object Select, move, scale and manipulate objects. Reshape...

Moving Between Documents updated:2019-12-19 20:37:34
PageStream allows you to open as many documents as you wish, limited only by available memory. You can use this facility to work on multiple documents and to copy text and graphics between documents. Each document exists in its own window. You can also open more than one window for each document. One window will always be the active window, and thus its...

The Drawing Panel updated:2019-12-19 20:37:10
On double click: Select the action to be performed when you double-click in the window. Flash Screen will flash the screen to alert you that you double-clicked. Object Command allows you to choose from a list of selected Object menu commands to perform when you double-click on an object. Play Script allows you to choose an internal PageStream script to...

Changing View Magnifications updated:2019-12-19 20:36:45
PageStream allows you to increase and decrease the magnification of the document in its window. You may want to zoom in to make small changes, or zoom out to see your page layout as a whole. There are several ways to change view magnifications in PageStream: * Select a preset magnification from the View submenu in the Window menu or from the View pop-up...

Moving Between Pages updated:2019-12-19 20:34:05
The page shown in the active document window is the current page. You can change the displayed page by moving to a specific page number[/url] or by flipping through the pages in order. Click on the Previous Page button to view the previous page. Click on the Next Page button to view the next page. Click on the Go to Page button to move directly to a page. ...

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