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DrawBorder updated:2007-10-22 17:00:38
Draws a border object. This is a subcommand for the Extension command. objectid = Extension DrawBorder { left top right bottom [THICKNESS size] [BORDERSTYLE name] [ROTATE rotation | SKEW slant twist | SLANT slant | TWIST twist] [ABOUT x y | ABOUTCENTER] [INFRONT | INBACK] [CONSTRAIN | FREE] [PRINT | NOPRINT] [PAGE document:...-pagenum | MPG...

GetBordersList updated:2007-10-22 16:58:22
Gets the list of border definitions. This is a subcommand for the Extension command. count = Extension GetBordersList { listname } Parameters: Results: Notes: See Also: DrawBorder, EditBorder, GetBorder, SetBorderColor Examples: Python: ARexx: Applescript:

Extension updated:2007-10-22 16:52:34
This command is used to call script commands for an extension. For now only the Borders tool uses this method. Extension (macro) Parameters: Results: Notes: See Also: Border Object: DrawBorder, EditBorder, GetBorder, GetBordersList, SetBorderColor Border Definition: AddBorder, AddBorderPath, DeleteBorder, DeleteBorderPath, DuplicateBorder, SaveBorders,...

Extension Commands updated:2007-10-22 16:50:18
Commands and queries used in extensions. All of these are subcommands for the Extension command. For now only the Borders tool uses this method.

Drawing Commands updated:2007-10-22 15:23:44
Commands and queries used to draw new objects. This category is a legacy category, as it seems better suited to group these with objects.

Translating PageStream updated:2007-10-16 15:08:15
Hi! Here is the info you need to help translate PageStream into the language of your choice, or just get the most out of PageStream! First, please communicate on the PageStreamSupport or beta mailing lists of your desire to translate into a new language, or make changes to an existing translation. Someone else may be doing the same thing, and perhaps...

Interface updated:2007-10-16 14:48:16
Interface related articles including, but not limited to, topics such as: Screen Preferences Navigation Mouse and Keyboard When these articles are global and not specific to a chapter such as Objects, Text, Document, etc.

Creating Your Own Borders updated:2006-08-16 16:37:46 last comment:2007-10-06 09:39:40
by Deron Kazmaier Through the years people have asked if they can create borders for themselves. I've always been reluctant to tell them how, not because I care if they know how, but because it is a difficult process to explain. Hopefully my attempt here will be intelligible! In this issue we will cover the basics, and next issue cover a few more...

Setting up a non-PostScript Printer updated:2006-09-02 21:11:15 last comment:2007-09-18 22:54:32
To setup PageStream for non-PostScript printers with Windows:: When PageStream prints to a non-PostScript printer under Windows, it uses the standard printing system, so setting up PageStream for non-PostScript printers is the same as in an other standard Windows application. PageStream will display the standard Print ''Setup'' dialog...

FAQ updated:2007-08-17 18:17:08
This page is a work in progress Windows * Macintosh * Linux * Amiga * Atari Why aren't the Pantone colors included with Pagestream anymore? "... We no longer include the Pantone color library (they would not renew with us because the PageStream price point is too low and they wanted a big fat minimum per...

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