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Application Library SDK updated:2008-03-01 13:35:18
The includes, prototypes, utilities, and what little documentation exists for the Application Library is here. Amiga SoftLogikSDK40.lha 247,691 bytes Linux SoftLogikSDK40.bz2 ? bytes Macintosh SoftLogikSDK40.sit 231,639 bytes Windows 242,345 bytes For Amiga users trying to get the SDK to work with Storm C or another compiler, here is the...

Installing Documentation Sherlock Search Plugin updated:2007-12-06 17:13:33
Sherlock is a search plugin method first proposed by Apple, and you can learn more about it at A search engine plugin allows you to access a search engine directly from your browser. In Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer 7 you use the search bar at the top right. Microsoft appears to prefer the term...

Installing Documentation Open Search updated:2007-12-06 16:59:04
Firefox, and several other browsers, have a second text entry field in the address bar (at the top of the browser window) where you can type in what you're looking for, and send that to a search engine automatically, rather than having to visit the search engine's main page first. For example, you can type a word into this field and automatically...

Finding Answers updated:2007-12-04 13:34:09
Searching the PageStream online documentation should answer most questions you might have.

Downloading updated:2007-12-04 13:30:19
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CharacterSet updated:2007-11-25 12:13:42
Sets the character set in use. The full effect varies from platform to platform, but minimally sets the character set used for import/export of spelling/hyphenation words and ascii text filter. Returns previous characterset . previous = CharacterSet (characterset) [SAVE] Parameters: Results: Notes: See Also: Examples: Python: ARexx: Applescript: ...

GetDocuments updated:2007-11-25 11:17:41
GETDOCUMENTS Document Queries Gets the number of open documents and their names. getdocuments stem/a Gets the document names. Results: the number of open documents is returned to RESULT. stem 0/s The name of the first document. 1/s The name of the second document. etc. Examples: getdocuments docnames ...

Color Library File Format updated:2007-11-16 21:03:47
PageStream loads color libraries from the SoftLogik/Colors folder. These colors are stored in a simple text file format that allows customers to create and edit their own colors. Components of a color library file. SOFT-LOGIK PUBLISHING COLOR LIBRARY v1.0 NAME "Crayons" LIBID "CRAY" COPYRIGHT1 "(c) Santa's Elves"...

Importing Graphics updated:2006-09-01 21:32:15 last comment:2007-11-11 20:37:08
PageStream can import graphics created with other programs. Filters translate graphics from other programs into a format that PageStream can understand. Some filters can also export graphics from PageStream. You can import graphics only from programs which can save in one of the supported formats listed below. * TIFF: Publishing standard for bitmapped...

SetBorderPath updated:2007-10-22 17:12:41
Set attributes for border definition's paths. This is a subcommand for the Extension command. Extension SetBorderPath { bordername id [WIDTH width] [HEIGHT height] [PATHWIDTH width] [PATHHEIGHT height] } Parameters: Results: Notes: See Also: AddBorder, AddBorderPath, DeleteBorder, DeleteBorderPath, DuplicateBorder, SaveBorders, SetBorder Examples:...

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