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SL_AppInitA updated:2008-03-02 15:34:16
NAME SL_AppInitA -- init the application. SL_AppInit -- varargs stub for SL_AppInitA(). SYNOPSIS apphandle = SL_AppInitA(argc, argv, taglist); D0D1 A0 A1 APPHANLDE SL_AppInitA(int, SLCHAR **, struct TagItem *); apphandle = SL_AppInit(argc, argv, firsttag, ...); APPHANDLE SL_AppInit(int, SLCHAR **, Tag, ...); FUNCTION Allocates an APPHANDLE, inits it, and...

callbacks updated:2008-03-02 15:28:43

Overview updated:2008-03-02 11:47:34
If the source code you develop uses only calls available in the Application Library and is ANSI C/C++ compliant, then it can be used on any platform that the Application Library exists on. If you don't have access to all of those platforms, we may be able to help. We may even be interested in publishing the fruits of your labor. The example source code...

Language Support updated:2008-03-02 11:42:10
The first step in supporting a local language is the creation of a language module for that language. PageStream supports a number of localized document functions which is controlled by the active language for the text using one of those functions. Currently those functions are:* Page numbers (one, two, three...) * Dates (12th April, 2000) * Times (12:45...

SoftLogik App Library API updated:2008-03-01 21:13:56
This is the main library. These calls all start with SL_ and other than the display library calls, are the only ones you should need or use.

DELETEME updated:2008-03-01 13:50:43

File Formats updated:2008-03-01 13:49:49
Documenting the format of files used by PageStream.

SoftLogik OS Library API updated:2008-03-01 13:48:37
This library handles the base API calls that do not require a GUI. These calls all start with OS_. It is possible to write a shell based application that uses this library without using the other libraries, but normally that would be overkill. As this may library may one day soon disappear it is advisable to use the App calls alone....

SoftLogik RSRC Library API updated:2008-03-01 13:48:24
This library is the smallest of them all and may end up integrated into the SoftLogikApp library. These calls all start with RSRC_. It handles the loading of the custom resource files, and exporting of translation base text. This library should not be used for a normal application or module....

SoftLogik Display Library API updated:2008-03-01 13:48:12
This library provides complex output to screen, bitmaps, and printers. These calls all start with SLD_. It handles fonts, bitmaps, paths, stokes, fills etc. If all you are going to display on screen is system text, lines and rsrc icons, you won't need to use this library.

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