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Fonts on the WWW updated:2009-03-15 12:15:28 last comment:2009-03-15 12:16:23
Font Googling By Deron Kazmaier Lately I've been thinking about fonts, and the inter-platform usage issues that folks have had to deal with. That got me to thinking about all the times folks have asked me where they can find fonts for PageStream. As a reminder, PageStream supports Type1 and TrueType fonts on every platform. Generally speaking, it doesn't...

ExportGraphic updated:2006-03-30 14:03:54 last comment:2009-02-10 22:07:10
EXPORTGRAPHIC File Commands This exports a graphic object. exportgraphic [FILE filepath] [FILTER name] [progress] [mode] [DOCUMENT name | WINDOW name | OBJECTID number] FILE/s The filename and path of the file to export. FILTER/k The filter to use. Options: PICT | TIFF | IFFILBM|GIF | BMP | IFFDR2D | IFFILUS | JPEG. ...

Saving a PageStream Document as a PDF File updated:2009-01-28 23:45:41
To save a document as a PDF file: 1. Choose Save as PDF from the File menu. The Save as PDF dialog box will appear. 2. Select which pages to save. Select to save the entire document, the current chapter, the current page or a range of pages from the Which pop-up menu. Enter the range of pages, if choosen, in the text box directly below the Which pop-up...

SetControlAttr updated:2006-09-14 09:41:25 last comment:2009-01-28 15:23:39
Gets the {...} . SetControlAttr (reqh, ctrlid, attr, data) Parameters: Results: Notes: See Also: AlertRequester, AppendListString, CloseResource, CreateLanguageEngineList, CreateList, CreateRequester, DoLanguageEngineFormatDate, DoLanguageEngineLocalizeString, DoRequester, FreeLanguageEngineList, FreeList, FreeRequester, GetCmdStringFromCoord,...

ExportText updated:2006-03-30 14:03:54 last comment:2009-01-28 15:19:02
EXPORTTEXT File Commands This exports the selected text. exporttext [FILE filepath] [FILTER name] [progress] [mode] [CONVERTQUOTE toggle] [CONVERTDASH toggle] [LINEHASLF toggle] [RETAINFORMAT toggle] [TEXTCODE code] [DOCUMENT name] FILE/s The filename and path of the file to export. FILTER/k The filter to use. Options: ASCII |...

GetFilePath updated:2009-01-24 21:44:08
Opens a file selector to get a file path from the user. path = GetFilePath ([PATH path] [TITLE title] [POSBUTTON ok] [NEGBUTTON cancel]) Parameters: Results: Notes: See Also: Examples: Python: ARexx: Applescript:

Creating a Table of Figures updated:2009-01-16 22:28:38
By marking figures and drawings in your document using figure marks, you can use PageStream to automatically create a table of figures for your document. The typical content of a table of figures starts with a title, then an alphabetic list of figure types with their figures sorted by location in the document. Each figure mark in a figure type category is...

PageStream Guide updated:2008-12-28 11:17:30
This book in the PageStream documentation library is for tutorials, how-to's, and other items. While much of this could be part of the base PageStream User Documentation, the intent is to keep that documentation as concise as possible. Considered this a meld between "PageStream for Dummies" and a "PageStream Cookbook". Suggestions on a...

Setting up a PostScript Printer updated:2008-11-13 17:02:13
1. Choose Print Setup from the File menu. The Print Setup dialog box will appear. For Windows, the standard Windows PostScript print setup dialog box will appear. Follow the instructions that came with your computer or printer to configure for your specific PostScript printer. To print to a disk file, choose Printers from the Settings menu in the Start...

How do I...? updated:2008-11-13 16:54:50
How do I print a document?: To print an open document, choose Print from the File menu. Select options from the Print dialog box and click Print. Alternatively, click on the Printer button of the toolbar to open the Print dialog box. Before you can print, you must customize your printer options by choosing the Print Setup command from the File menu in...

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