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Exporting Graphics updated:2010-04-19 13:48:48
PageStream allows you to export selected graphics from a document. Filters translate PageStream's graphics into a format that can be understood by other programs. Refer to Importing Graphics for a list of the supported formats. Your export choices will be constrained by the type and number of objects selected. If you select one bitmapped picture, you...

Hyphenation updated:2010-04-17 17:47:58
Hyphenation divides words between syllables at the end of a line to avoid short lines. When a word does not fit on a line and automatic hyphenation is selected, a combination of hyphenation algorithms, rules and exceptions will be used to determine whether the word should be hyphenated. The hyphenation algorithms vary between languages. You can set the...

Screen Preferences updated:2010-03-31 10:57:31
Platform specific application and screen settings are defined here. On the Amiga, ''Screen Preferences'' will open the MUI Preferences for PageStream. Other platforms now provides an interface to select the display DPI, which allows for correcting the aspect ratio or size of the PageStream measurements. While most systems will report a...

Using Python updated:2006-08-08 16:49:35 last comment:2010-03-28 13:23:03
Why Python: Starting with the initial PageStream 4.1 Linux release, Python was added to PageStream's bag of tricks. The impetus was to provide the same scripting environment for all platforms to make user scripts the same on any platform PageStream supports. Previously the Amiga version had used ARexx and the Macintosh version AppleScript. While this...

GetRevision updated:2006-09-06 12:04:44 last comment:2009-06-27 22:19:32
Gets the attributes of a revision log entry. New in GetRevision [DESCRIPTION &description] [VERSION &version.major.minor] [TYPE &type{CREATED | MODIFIED}] [USER &username] [REVISION revh] Parameters: Results: Notes: See Also: DeleteRevision, GetRevisions, InsertRevision, LogRevision, SetRevision, and SetRevisionTracking ...

What is PageStream Pro? updated:2009-05-30 18:51:09
[title]What is PageStream Pro?[/title] PageStream Professional includes numerous features unique to it plus TextFX, Borders 1 & 2, Gary's Effects, Paper Direct templates, and Home & Office forms. In the past, selected objects could only be exported to a object oriented drawing format, but now the objects can also be rendered into a bitmap at...

New in PageStream 5.0 updated:2009-05-30 18:21:14
[title]New in PageStream 5.0[/title] Version 5.0 is the latest release of PageStream. New features include advanced alpha blending (also known as transparency) for text, objects and pictures. Set the printer marks to appear as you need them and provide the right bleed needed for any print job. More keyboard shortcuts for power users. Unlike other publishing...

What are Scripts updated:2009-05-06 12:16:24
Scripts automate repetitive tasks and provide additional features that are not available in PageStream. They allow you to customize PageStream to meet your needs. PageStream offers two types of scripts. Internal scripts can contain only commands so they can only set options. These scripts execute very quickly. You can use them even if you don't know...

InsertText updated:2009-04-16 17:34:39
INSERTTEXT File Commands Inserts text from a text file at the insertion point. inserttext [FILE filepath] [FILTER name] [progress] [charset] [CONVERTQUOTE toggle] [CONVERTDASH toggle] [LINEHASLF toggle] [RETAINFORMAT toggle] [TEXTCODE code] [DOCUMENT name | WINDOW name] FILE/s The filename and path of the file. FILTER/k The filter to use. ...

Toolbox updated:2006-07-25 11:27:13 last comment:2009-03-29 12:01:47
The ''Toolbox'' can be used to create and modify objects and text. Only one tool in it may be selected at a time. Some tools are grouped together in a flyout tool group and may be hidden. To select one of these tools, click and hold on the flyout tool group button (which has a small arrow to the top right of the button) and a tool popup...

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