Every page is based on a master page in PageStream. Master pages define the size and orientation of pages, the placement of guides and the spacing of the grid. Objects placed on a master page will be visible on all pages based on that master page.

    Creating Master Pages
    Master Page Objects


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Related Tips
To change the size of the current page you must change the size of the master page on which it is based. Choose Master Page Setup from the Layout menu. Select a new page size from the dialog box.

Note that this will change the size of all pages based on this page. If all of the pages in the document are based on the same master page, this will change the size of all pages. All pages are based on the Default Master Page unless you specify otherwise.

To change the size of the current page only, create a new master page with the Document palette and then choose Page Setup. Select the new master page from the Master Page pop-up menu.