Types of Printers

You can print your PageStream documents on a large variety of printers, including dot matrix, inkjet and laser printers. You can also print your documents on imagesetters and other PostScript devices such as film recorders.

    PostScript Printers
    Non-PostScript Printers


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Related Tips
PostScript users: If you cannot find a PPD file to match your PostScript printer, you should:

1. Check the disks that came with your printer. Most PostScript printers come with PPD files.

2. Check for a PPD file at the printer manufacturer's web site.

3. Contact the printer manufacturer via phone or mail.

4. Try using the AppleLWriterPlusv38.0 file. Most PostScript laser printers are Apple LaserWriter Plus compatible.

5. As a last resort, use the General PPD file. This will not take advantage of special features of your printer, but will work for any PostScript device.

PageStream is compatible with version 4.0 and newer PPD files. You can determine the version of a PPD file by loading it into a text editor and searching for the “*FormatVersion” line. Note that even though you have selected a PPD file for use with your LaserWriter 8 or newer driver, you must also select the PPD file in PageStream's Print Setup dialog box.

Thinking about buying a new printer? We recommend PostScript™ compatible printers for use with PageStream. PostScript printers are much faster than non-PostScript printers. As well, some of PageStream's features (spot functions, EPS objects...) can only be used with PostScript printers.

If you use an imagesetter for your final output, a PostScript printer can save you many headaches by providing more accurate proofs.