The ''General'' command in the ''Settings'' menu opens a requester to set window and cursor options. You can change the cursor width, the rate at which it flashes (set it to 0 to stop it from flashing), and the number of spaces to use for a tab, by dragging the sliders at the top of the requester. Enter the amount to offset text from the left and right margins by entering a value in pixels into the ''Margin'' text gadget. This does not affect the text, but merely changes the aesthetic appearance of a text window.

PageLiner defaults to ''Auto'' margins, which means that the text is reflowed to fit inside the text window whenever the window is resized. This does not affect text from PageStream because the line breaks of the text are set in PageStream, not in PageLiner. If you change the margin type to ''Fixed'', you can set how far text text should run from the left margin. ''Set'' is similar to fixed, but sets it to match the current right margin. A ''Fixed'' margin type prevents text from being reflowed when the window is resized and is useful only when using PageLiner as a text editor.

The ''Window'' text gadgets allow you to set the window's size and position in pixels. Enter -1 into the ''Top'' text gadget to force the window to open immediately below the title bar, regardless of the system font size.

You can also enter the Amiga character to use for displaying invisible symbols by typing a character into the ''Paragraph'', ''Space'' and ''Tab'' text boxes.


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