Finding and Replacing Text

PageLiner allows you to search for a text string and, optionally, replace it with a different text string. PageLiner always begins searching from the insertion point forward.

To find or replace text: Choose the ''Find/Replace'' command from the ''Edit'' menu. Enter the search string into the ''Find'' text box. To replace text, enter the new text into the ''Replace'' text box. Click on ''Find'' to begin the search. If PageLiner finds the search string it will highlight it. Click on ''Replace'' to change this occurrence or click on ''Replace All'' to replace all occurrences. To find the next occurrence without changing this one, click on ''Find'' again.

You can move the ''Find/Replace'' requester to help you see the found text in context. The requester can be left open while you work, so you can make changes to the text window and then return to the ''Find/Replace'' requester to continue the search.

You can close the ''Find/Replace'' requester and continue to search for and replace text. Choose the ''Find Again'' command from the ''Edit'' menu to search for the next occurrence or the ''Replace Again'' command from the ''Edit'' menu to replace the current occurrence and find the next one. This is a faster way to work because you can quickly make changes and continue searching without using the mouse.

NoteIf text is highlighted, it will be copied to the ''Find'' text gadget when the ''Find/Replace'' command is chosen.


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