Copying and Pasting Text

When you need to copy, move or delete text in an article, you can cut or copy a selected range of text. PageLiner stores cut or copied text in the Amiga clipboard. Text in the clipboard can then be pasted into the current article, another article, or into another application such as PageStream. When text has been copied to the clipboard from PageLiner or another application that supports the Amiga clipboard, it can be pasted into a PageStream text frame with the Paste command.

PageLiner copies text to the clipboard in IFF DTXT and IFF FTXT formats, and can copy and paste text to and from PageStream.

When text is cut or copied to the clipboard, the contents of the clipboard will be replaced and the previous contents will be lost. If data in another program supporting the Amiga clipboard is copied to the clipboard, the contents of the clipboard will be replaced. Only one block of data may normally be stored in the clipboard at once.


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