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The ''Insert'' submenu of the ''Type'' menu offers a selection of different variable types that can be inserted into an article at any insertion point. Once the variable type is selected it becomes part of the article and can only be edited as a single character. For example, if you select the ''Page number'' variable and insert the page number on the master page and have ''View Master page Objects'' on, the page numbers will appear automatically on all the pages based on that master page.

To insert a variable type: Select the ''Text tool'' from the ''Toolbox'' and place the insertion point where the variable type will be inserted. Choose the appropriate variable option from the ''Insert'' submenu of the ''Type'' menu. Depending on which option is selected a dialog box may appear to allow you to customize the variable type. To edit an existing variable types settings, select the variable with the text tool and then choose the corresponding insert variable menu item. Settings will default to the current settings of the inserted variable.

''Insert'' Variable Types:

NoteHolding down a Shift key while choosing a Page or Character variable will open a dialog box to override the default number format for the document or chapter.

    Date Variables
    Time Variables
    Revision Number Variables
    Text Marks
    User Variables


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