Resizing a PictureWith Scaling

1. Select what to resize.

Select an area to resize, or deselect a selected area if you want to resize the entire picture.

2. Choose the ''Resize'' command from the ''Effects'' menu.

The ''Resize'' dialog box will appear.

3. Change the size.

The current size of the area or picture will be shown in the ''Width'' and ''Height'' text boxes, and below the ''Size'' values at the bottom left of the window. Change the values to the new size.

NoteBME's text controls support math (just like PageStream's), which can be useful if you need to resize a picture proportionally. For example, if you want to resize a picture to 80% of its original size, just add "*.8" (without the quotes) to each of the ''Width'' and ''Height'' values. BME will automatically calculate the new values.

4. Choose how to place the existing image.

Choose ''Scale to Fit'' from the ''Placement'' pop-up menu. Click ''Resize''.


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