Color Display

BME displays pictures as best as it can given the number of available screen colors. However, because it is a true color image processing program, BME's internal picture data remains unchanged no matter the screen's color depth. For example, opening a 24 bit (16 million color) picture on a 256 color screen will not change the picture data in BME.

Naturally, pictures will look much better if there are more available colors. For best results, it is recommended to use at least a 16 bit (65,535 color) screen. Modern Macintoshes and PCs ship with graphics cards enabling you to set up such a display. Amiga users require a graphics card and the CyberGraphX or Picasso96 software to display high and true color depths with their system.

Amiga Users can check the Smart Map option in General Preferences to enhance picture quality on low color depth screens.


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