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Tim Doty wrote...2007-02-06 15:28:39

Objects are too tall or too short

X11 takes care of screen DPI settings and PageStream just uses the information that is provided. If that information is wrong the display will be wrong. Because many aspects of a display are aspect ratio independent you may only notice the problem in PageStream, and in particular in the PageStream document window. Even so this is a fault of the DPI settings in X11.

Fine, so how to fix this? That really depends on your linux setup. Ultimately it comes down to how your X11 is configured which may be through editing a text file, but it may also be through a GUI program such as SaX2. Make sure that the ScreenSize parameter of the relevant "Monitor" sections have the correct display size information.

This behavior has been observed with nVidia dual monitor cards using TwinView.

User Contributed Comments For Linux specific problems