Amiga specific problems

SectionObjects are too tall or too short
If your objects are half as tall as they should be, you need to change your display resolution. Choose ''Screen'' from the ''System Preferences'' submenu in the ''File'' menu. Change the ''Display DPI'' to X:65 Y:55 for most NTSC monitors (North America), or X:65 Y:70 for most PAL monitors (other continents).

If your objects are twice as tall as they should be, you probably have it set to X:65 Y:55 (NTSC) or X:65 Y:70 (PAL) when it should be set to X:65 Y:27 (NTSC) or X:65 Y:35 (PAL).

To set the ''Display DPI'' accurately, you should measure the size of your screen display with a ruler (in inches). Divide this by the display size in pixels to calculate the horizontal and vertical Display DPI. (i.e., 640 pixels / 9.5 inches = 67 dpi)

SectionRequesters don't fit on the screen
Are some requesters and the Toolbox too large to fit on your Workbench screen? PageStream requires a screen size of at least 640 x 281 pixels for its interface. This is larger than the normal NTSC HiRes screen size of 640x200 or the PAL HiRes screen size of 640x256. If you attempt to use one of these small screen modes on a custom screen, PageStream will automatically create an autoscrolling virtual screen of the minimum size so that you can see the entire interface. If you choose to run the program on the Workbench or an existing public screen, however, there is nothing PageStream can do to make its interface fit, so some requesters will be cut off.

You should never use PageStream on the Workbench or an existing public screen smaller than 640x281.

SectionCompugraphic fonts don't work
If you cannot get your Compugraphic Intellifonts to display, you are probably missing the Fonts:_Bullet/plugin.types file. This file is included with AmigaDOS and is required by PageStream's Compugraphic font engine. If you have removed it from your hard drive to save space, you must reinstall it from your AmigaDOS disks to use Compugraphic Intellifonts with PageStream4.

SectionEdit palette font
Is the font used in your ''Edit Palette'' (and other palette scrolling lists) the same font as used in requesters (Topaz 8)? It should be the SoftLogik 8 font, which is a thin version of Topaz 8. If you don't have this and the other two sizes of the SoftLogik font available, the PageStream4 interface will not look as good as it should.

These three fonts are stored in the SoftLogik:Fonts directory. This must be be assigned with the following command in your S:User-Startup file for the fonts to be available to AmigaDOS and PageStream4:

assign Fonts: SoftLogik:Fonts add

Some symptoms of not having this assign are:

  • Text in the About requester will be cut off.
  • Text in the ''Edit Palette'' will too wide when the ''Text'' tool is selected, and some gadgets will overlap others.
  • Numbers in the rulers will be too large.

SectionPageStream won't load all the way
If the program doesn't load further than the ''About'' requester (the requester with the PageStream picture in it), then you probably don't have enough memory to load PageStream. The only solution is to add more memory or remove background utilities.

Note: the ADDASSIGN public domain utility has been found to cause problems loading PageStream. If you have this utility, remove it before using PageStream.

SectionShift selecting menu command doesn't open requester
Some PageStream menu commands open a requester if you select the command while holding down a Shift key. This feature does not work with all the options in the popular MagicMenu utility. If you try to Shift select a menu command that should open a requester when Shift selected, and the requester does not open, you must change your Pop Up menu option in the MagicMenu configuration requester from Smart select to either Intuition compatible or Sticky mouse buttons.

SectionPreferences aren't loaded when started from a shell
If you run PageStream from a Shell (CLI), you must change to the PageStream directory before running the program. i.e.,

Don't do this:

> PageStream:PageStream4 [Return]

Do this instead:

> cd PageStream: [Return]
> PageStream4 [Return]

SectionCan't use the ''Navigator'' for 15-30 seconds after loading
If you cannot use the ''Navigator'' after the tip appears when you first start PageStream4, and are using the public domain QMouse or MultiCX utilities, you should disable them. On some systems, these utilities have been found to cause delays when using PageStream and BME.

SectionMouse pointer hotspot is in wrong position
This problem is common with certain third party graphic boards such as the Retina and EGS boards. It is not a problem with PageStream. You should report the problem to the board manufacturer.

If you use an old version of CyberGraphX and have this problem in 16 bit graphics modes, you should update your system to the latest version.

SectionFont names are different than other programs
Your fonts contain font names, typeface names and style names. i.e.,
  • Font name: Times Bold
  • Typeface name: Times
  • Style name: Bold
Many program use the font name, but PageStream uses the typeface and style names because of its enhanced Font requester. Unfortunately, some people have designed fonts with incorrect typeface and style names. They probably didn't notice this error because their programs didn't use these names. Agfa brand fonts are notorious for incorrect style names.

For example, Agfa's "Revue Light" has a style name of Normal instead of Light, and "Revue Shadow" has a style name of ExtraBold.

These problems can't be avoided by PageStream because the fonts are the problem. You can fix the fonts with a font editor such as TypeSmith.

SectionClosing a window didn't redraw the window beneath it
If you have a Retina graphic board, your problem is due to a bug in the Retina software. Add the following line to your PageStream:PageStream4.prefs file with a text editor:


This will turn off smart refreshing and will solve your problem. Screen refreshes will be a bit slower, but this is the only solution since the Retina software does not support smart refreshes.

SectionPageLiner won't load all the way
Is the public domain screen blank ASwarm installed? This program is known to conflict with PageLiner. We recommend removing ASwarm.

SectionThe text in HHV is unreadable or much too small
Choose ''Screen Preferences'' from the ''File'' menu and enter proper DPI values for your monitor.

SectionChanges in the ''Edit Palette'' did not have any effect
Amiga users must press Return twice in text gadgets of the ''Edit Palette'': once for entering the value in the gadget and once to apply the whole changes. Alternatively, you can click on the ''Apply'' button to the left of the ''Edit Palette'' to apply the changes immediately.


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