Formatting Text

You can apply attributes to text to change its appearance and formatting. Attributes can be applied to characters or paragraphs with the ''Edit'' palette and commands in the ''Type'' menu. Attributes are divided into character and paragraph attributes because some attributes affect only paragraphs as a whole.

You can apply attributes to text with the ''Type'' menu commands, ''Edit'' and ''Style'' palette and ''Eyedropper'' tool.

The ''Type'' menu has commands for all text attributes. The ''Edit'' palette provides more convenient access to the most common attributes. The ''Eyedropper'' tool allows you to copy text attributes between paragraphs. Styles also help you maintain uniform formatting in your documents and styled text can be globally reformatted simply by editing the styles.

    Applying Text Attributes with the Eyedropper Tool
    Applying Text Attributes with the Edit Palette


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