Printing Proofs

If you are making changes to your document, you may want to print only a quick draft. You may not even want to read the text; instead, you may want to see the pages at a small size in relationship to other pages. PageStream allows you to print your page without pictures to create a quick draft copy, and can print multiple pages at thumbnail size on one piece of paper.

To print a proof of a document: Deselect ''Print Pictures'' in the ''Print'' dialog box. PageStream will print pictures as boxes with a cross on them. This will speed up printing, but will still demonstrate the page layout.

To print thumbnails for a document: Choose ''Thumbnails'' from the ''Size'' pop-up menu in the ''Print'' dialog box. Enter the size of the thumbnails in the text box to its right. The size of the thumbnails determines how many will print on a page and must be less than 45%.


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