PostScript Printers

PageStream uses a custom printer driver to print to PostScript printers. On WindowsOS computers, it works in conjunction with the standard Microsoft or Adobe PostScript printer driver. On MacOS computers, it works in conjunction with the LaserWriter driver. On AmigaOS computers, it completely bypasses the Preferences printer driver system because it is not suitable for desktop publishing.

When PageStream prints a document on a PostScript printer, it describes the page to the printer as a series of PostScript language commands. The PostScript interpreter in the printer executes these commands to print the pages.

The fonts used in a document can be stored in either the computer or the printer. Most PostScript printers have 35 or more PostScript fonts resident in their memory. PageStream knows what fonts are in the printer because they are listed in the PPD (PostScript Printer Description) file that you select with the ''Print Setup'' dialog box. If you use fonts other than those in your printer, PageStream will download them to the printer as part of the document.


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