Lesson 2: Designing a Menu

In this lesson, you will create a takeout menu. The format is a landscape letter page folded in thirds. This tri-fold brochure format is flexible because it is economical to produce and provides a flexible layout. You can spread objects across the folds, or use each panel as a separate page.

The easiest way to lay out a tri-fold brochure is to create pages divided into folds by guides. You cannot simply divide the page into thirds because a page cannot be easily folded into three equal segments. Brochures are normally folded by machines which require a substantial gap on the third panel in order to correctly fold the brochure.

We will use picas instead of inches in this lesson. A landscape (horizontal) letter-size page is 66 picas wide (11" x 6 picas / inch = 66). Good panel sizes to use, looking at the outside of the brochure, are 21p, 22p6 and 22p6 from left to right. This will provide sufficient space for error when the brochure is folded.

Picas are a traditional measurement system popular in desktop publishing. There are six picas in an inch. Picas are abbreviated in PageStream as the letter p after the number. For example, 3p is 3 picas.

Fractional picas are usually measured in points instead of tenths of a pica. There are twelve points in a pica. Fractional picas are abbreviated as points after the letter p. For example, 3p6 is 3 picas and 6 points, or 3.5 picas.

PageStream supports decimal notation as well as traditional notation, so you can enter 3.5 into a text box instead of 3p6. You can enter values in any measurement system by including the appropriate abbreviation with the value, but you should normally set PageStream's measurement system for simplicity.

    Step 1: Setting the measurement system
    Step 2: Starting a new document
    Step 3: Setting master page guides
    Step 4: Placing graphics
    Step 5: Creating a text block
    Step 6: Setting Text Attributes
    Step 7: Positioning the text block
    Step 8: Creating multiple text columns
    Step 9: Importing text
    Step 10: Setting dot leaders
    Step 11: Printing the document


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