Duplicating Objects

The ''Duplicate'' command allows you to make a single copy of an object without using the clipboard. The copy will be offset from the original by a pre-determined amount set in the ''Drawing'' panel in ''Preferences''.

To duplicate an object: Select the object(s) to copy and choose ''Duplicate'' from the ''Object'' menu.

To customize the duplicate offsets: Choose ''Preferences'' from the ''File'' menu to display the ''Preferences'' dialog box. Click on the ''Drawing'' panel. Enter new duplicate offsets. Click ''Save'' to make your changes permanent or click ''Use'' to change them temporarily. Making copies at precise offsets may also be performed with the ''Transform'' dialog box.

To drag duplicate an object: Select the object(s) to copy and begin click dragging them. Before releasing the mouse button, press and holding down Option (Alt). The mouse pointer will change to a paste shape.

The Paste Cursor


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