Customizing PageStream

PageStream's ''Preferences'' dialog box allows you to customize PageStream's many features. To display the ''Preferences'' dialog box, choose ''Preferences'' from the ''File'' menu. This section describes all of the options displayed in that dialog box. Also, it describes System Preferences for platform specific preferences.

    How to Navigate in the Preferences Dialog Box
    The General Panel
    The Type Panel
    The Measurement Panel
    The Drawing Panel
    The View Panel
    The Files Panel
    The Folders Panel
    The Editors Panel
    The Toolbox Panel
    The Toolbar Panel
    System Preferences


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If you can't see the grid or guides because they're obscured by objects, choose Preferences from the File menu and click on the View tab. Select In Front instead of In Back for the guides and/or grid.
To set the default number of columns in a text frame drawn with the Column tool, choose Preferences from the File menu. Click on the Toolbox tab in the Preferences dialog box to change the default number of columns.
Always use “typographic quotation marks” instead of "typewriter quotation marks". Type Shift-Control-D o" for left or opening quotation marks, and Shift-Control-D c" for right or closing quotation marks.

Wrong: "I'm going to work," she said. Correct: “I'm going to work,” she said.

The Smart Double Quotes feature in Type Preferences will do this for you automatically.