Working with Drawings

PageStream can combine objects into drawings to simplify manipulating them. A drawing can be selected, moved, scaled and edited as one object. The appearance of the individual objects is unchanged when they are combined into a drawing. The differences between drawings and normal groups are:

Vector graphics imported from formats other than EPS are imported as drawings. EPS files created with Adobe Illustrator or Art Expression may also be imported as drawings.

NoteAny type of object in PageStream can be added to a drawing, including another drawing, text frames, shapes, paths and border objects.

To select a drawing: Click on any of the objects within the drawing. Size handles and a gray line will appear around the the drawing's objects.

To dissolve a drawing to edit its component objects: Select the drawing and choose ''Dissolve Drawing'' from the ''Drawing'' submenu in the ''Drawing'' menu.

To create a new drawing: Select the objects to make into a drawing. Choose ''Make Drawing'' from the ''Drawing'' submenu in the ''Object'' menu.

To add objects to an existing drawing: Select the drawing and the additional objects. Choose ''Add to Drawing'' from the ''Drawing'' submenu in the ''Object'' menu.

Drawings in support layers. Each drawing is considered its own layer in the composition of the page, and by using the ''Layer Palette'' you may select drawings/layers as the active layer to edit, hide layers, and more.


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