Working with Groups

PageStream can combine objects into groups to freeze their relative positions and to simplify manipulating them. A group of objects can be selected, moved, scaled and edited as one object. The appearance of the individual objects is unchanged when they are grouped; groups exist only to make editing easier.

Groups can be many levels deep. For example, you could group a number of groups together as one group, or group objects with another group.

To create a group: Select the objects to make into a group. Choose ''Group'' from the ''Object'' menu.

To select a group: Click on any of the objects within the group. Size handles will appear around the group's objects.

To add objects to an existing group: Select the group and the additional objects. Choose ''Group'' from the ''Object'' menu. The new group will be made up of the original group and the additional objects. You could also ungroup the original group and then group its objects with the new objects.

To edit individual objects from a group, you must first select the group and then ungroup it to reduce it to its component objects.

To dissolve a group: Select the group and choose ''Ungroup'' from the ''Object'' menu. Groups are ungrouped in the same order they were grouped. That is, subgroups are not ungrouped when a group containing subgroups is ungrouped.


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