Selecting Objects

The ''Object'' tool allows you to select objects to move, scale or change. An object is selected when size handles (small squares) are shown around its bounding box. You can also select objects with the ''Reshape'', ''Crop'' and ''Rotate'' tools, but some ''Object'' menu commands are disabled when these tools are selected.

To select an object: Select the ''Object'' tool and click on the object with the mouse pointer. Hold down a modifier key to change how the object is selected. If the object is unfilled, you must click on the path (outline) of the object to select it. If the object is filled, you can click anywhere inside the object.

When held down at the same time as clicking on an object, the following modifier keys will have the effect described below:

NoteOnce an object is selected, you can select the next one nearer the top of the stack by pressing the Tab key. Hold down a Shift key while pressing the Tab key to select the next object near the bottom of the stack. Note that this may select objects that are not visible in the display area.

To deselect an object: Click on a blank area of the page or press the Space Bar to deselect all selected objects, or Shift click a selected object to deselect it.

You can select objects by dragging the mouse around them. PageStream displays a dashed box called a marquee when you drag the mouse. Any object that is at least partially inside the marquee will be selected.

To select multiple objects: Select the ''Object'' tool and drag around the objects to select. Hold down a modifier key to change how the objects are selected. Hold down Alt when initiating the drag to force drag select, even if dragging would normally move or scale an object.

NoteChoose ''Select All'' from the ''Edit'' menu to select all objects on the page or spread.

SectionChanging the stack order of objects
Objects are placed on the page in a stack. The first object drawn will be at the back of the stack. Subsequent objects will be in front of it in the order they are drawn, unless you change the stack order. When you click on a stack of objects, only the front-most one will be selected. You can also select through the stack to select the back-most object by holding down Control, or you can select the entire stack of objects by holding down Option (Alt). You can also select the next object in the stack by pressing Tab or the previous object in the stack by pressing Shift Tab.

You can move an object to the front or back of the stack, or move it forward or backward just one object at a time.

To change the stack order of objects: Select the object(s) to change, then choose the ''Bring to Front'', ''Bring Forward'', ''Send Backward'', or ''Send to Back'' commands from the ''Stack'' submenu in the ''Object'' menu as applicable.


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