When you type or import text into a text frame, the text becomes part of an article. Text frames are containers which hold text articles. Articles can flow from page to page because text frames can be linked together.

You can place more than one article on a page. For example, a newspaper generally has half a dozen articles on the front page which are continued on inside pages. Each article is in a linked series of text frames where the first frame is on the front page and the other frames are on the inside pages.

SectionCharacter & Paragraph Attributes
Some attributes are meant to be applied to any range of characters, while others are intended for paragraphs as a whole.

Character attributes are set with the ''Font'', ''Size'', ''Width'', ''Type Style'', ''Line & Fill'', ''Tracking'', ''Kerning'' and ''Leading'' commands. Paragraph attributes are set with the ''Tabs'', ''Paragraph Format'', ''Paragraph Rules'', ''Alignment'' and ''Hyphenation'' commands.

PageStream does not have true paragraph attributes; you can apply paragraph attributes to any range of text with this version of PageStream.

If you change a paragraph attribute when a paragraph is not selected, the change will be applied at the insertion point or for the selected text. To avoid confusion, always select a paragraph or paragraphs before applying paragraph attributes.

The clipboard is an area in the computer's memory that is reserved for what the user copies and cuts into and from the applications taking advantage of it. Only one selection (text selection, bitmapped graphic, drawing, multiple objects, etc.) may be stored in the clipboard with normal configurations at any one time. Each copy or cut will overwrite the previous contents of the clipboard. Some shareware utilities might extend the possibilities of the clipboard, but you should be aware that installing these utilities may cause compatibility problems with other applications.

SectionImporting text
You can import text created with other programs if PageStream has a matching filter. The included filters are: ASCII, RTF (Rich Text Format), MicroSoft Word®, Wordworth®, Final Writer®, Excellence, ProWrite, WordPerfect® 4.1, IFF CTXT and IFF FTXT.

RTF is your best choice for importing text from other applications that do not have native support in PageStream.

SectionOverset text

PageStream will display an overset indicator at the bottom right corner of a text frame if there is too much text to fit into the frame and it is not linked to another frame. To clear the overset indicator; edit the text to fit, resize the frame, or link the frame to another frame.

SectionText blocks
Text blocks are frameless text used for titles, headers, footers and other small blocks of type. They lack defined right and bottom margins, so they don't have fixed edges within which to wrap text. You must press the Return key to end each line of text in a text block. Text blocks cannot be linked to other blocks or frames.

SectionText frames
Text frames are containers in which text may be entered. Most text frames are rectangular text column frames with one or more columns. Text frames created from irregular shapes are referred to as text shape frames.

Text column frames are normally used for the body text of a document and text shape frames are used for special effects. Text frames can be linked together so that text will flow between them. Use text frames for the body text of your documents.


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