Cropping Graphics

When you import a graphic, PageStream automatically places it into a frame. The frame will exactly match the size of the graphic. If you scale the graphic with the ''Object'' tool, the graphic and frame will be scaled together.

PageStream allows you to crop graphics by scaling the frame independently of the graphic, and to move the graphic within a scaled frame. If you scale a graphic with the ''Crop'' tool, you will scale the frame, not the graphic.

NoteUse BME to crop large pictures before importing them into PageStream to speed up printing and to reduce memory requirements.

To crop a graphic with the ''Crop'' tool: Select the graphic with the ''Crop'' tool. The mouse pointer will change to a crop pointer. Position the crop pointer over a size handle and scale the frame smaller. To move the graphic within its frame, position the crop pointer over the graphic and drag it.

The Crop Cursor

To crop a graphic with the ''Edit Palette'': Enter new frame width and height, content scale and content offset coordinates. The frame size (''FW'' and ''FH'') and position (''FX'' and ''FY'') determine how the graphic is cropped; the graphic will be cropped at the edges of the frame overlapping it. The content offset (''OX'' and ''OY'') shifts the graphic within its frame, while the content scale (''SX'' and ''SY'') resizes the graphic independently of its frame. The offset is measured from the top left corner of the frame to the top left corner of the uncropped graphic, while the scale is measured in percentage of the graphic's original size.

NoteCropping is not limited to bitmapped pictures; you may also crop drawings and EPS illustrations. Drawings in PageStream may be made from any type of object, including text frames. See the Using Objects section for more information on drawings.


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