Date Variables

Select the ''Text'' tool from the ''Toolbox'' and place the insertion point where the date will be inserted. Choose ''Date'' from the ''Insert'' submenu in the ''Type'' menu. The ''Insert Date'' dialog box will appear. Choose the language from the ''Language'' pop-up menu to use for long date formats if different than the defined language for the text. Choose the prefered date style from the ''Format'' pop-up menu. If the date should change to reflect critical dates in the documents creation, choose the critical event in the ''Update'' pop-up menu. Click ''Insert''.

To customize a date variable: Choose ''Custom'' from the ''Format'' pop-up menu. Enter a date variable in the ''Custom'' text box. Refer to the table below for more information on formatting options. You do not need to include all parts of the date. Use a slash, hyphen, comma, space or any other character to separate them.

Note: One character following a backslash or text inside double quotation marks ("") will appear as is. If the first letter of a format is capitalized (Mmm), that part of the date will be capitalized (if applicable). If at least the first two letters are capitalized (MMm), it will be uppercase. If the first two letters are lowercase, it will be lowercase.

Custom Date Syntax:



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