Leading is the space between lines of text. PageStream allows you to set the amount of leading, how leading is measured, and how lines are positioned. There are four ways to measure leading in PageStream:

In general, the amount of space added between each line of body type should be about 20% of the type size. If you use relative leading this would be 120%. You can apply leading to any amount of text, but PageStream uses the leading of the first character on each line. You should normally set leading for paragraphs instead of smaller blocks of text.

To set the leading amount and how it is measured: Choose ''Leading'' from the ''Type'' menu to display the ''Leading'' dialog box, or use the Character view of the ''Edit Palette''. Select how to measure leading from the ''Type'' pop-up menu. Enter the leading value into the ''Amount'' text box.

SectionHow lines of text are positioned
The horizontal bar in which a line of text is positioned is called a slug. It is the total of the text and its line spacing. The top of each slug is immediately below the bottom of the slug above it.

There are four methods for positioning lines of text within their slugs:

  • Proportional: The baseline of a line of text is 80% of the way down from the top of the slug. This is the default leading method.
  • Baseline: The bottom of the slug is aligned with the baseline of the line of text. This is sometimes referred to as the typesetting method because it is the method used in traditional typography.
  • Top-of-Caps: The highest point on any character in any font on the line is placed at the top of the slug. This is sometimes referred to as the word processing method because it is used by many word processors.
  • Custom: This is a variation of the Proportional leading method, except you can set the baseline offset from the top of the slug.

Most people will not need to change the leading mode and can just use the ''Proportional'' default.

To change the leading mode: Choose ''Leading'' from the ''Type'' menu to display the ''Leading'' dialog box. Select a leading method from the ''Mode'' pop-up menu. For ''Custom'' leading, enter an amount in the text box below. Click ''OK''.


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