The appearance of characters is dependent on their character attributes. The most common character attributes are font, type style and size.

To apply character attributes to a block of text, simply select the text and then set the character attributes. To apply character attributes to the next text you type, place the insertion point, set the character attributes and then type.

''Text'' tool

To change one character attribute for selected text: Select the text to change with the ''Text'' tool. Choose the appropriate ''Type'' menu command or select its equivalent from the ''Character'' view of the ''Edit Palette''.

To change multiple character attributes at once for selected text: Select the text to change with the ''Text'' tool. Choose ''Attributes'' from the ''Type'' menu. Change the text attributes and click ''OK''.

If you want to change the character attributes of many small blocks of text, you should consider using character styles to save time.

To change character attributes for all text formatted with a character style: Hold down Shift while choosing a style from the ''Character Styles'' submenu in the ''Type'' menu to display the ''Character Style'' dialog box. Modify the attributes and click ''OK''. All text formatted with that style will change automatically.

NoteMacOS Users: Hold down Shift prior to pressing the mouse button.

SectionType menu commands
  • ''Font'': Choose the font from the submenu. Choose ''Select'' to open the ''Font'' dialog box to choose by name or preview.
  • ''Size'': Choose a preset size from the submenu. Choose ''Other'' to enter a custom size.
  • ''Width'': Choose a preset horizontal scale from the submenu. Choose ''Other'' to enter a custom horizontal scale. Width is measured as a percentage of the designed width.
  • ''Type Style'': Choose a type style from the submenu. Choose ''Set Type Style'' to select multiple styles at once. Plain deselects all other type styles. ''Superscript'' and ''Subscript'' are mutually exclusive and selecting one will toggle off the other.
  • ''Line & Fill'': Choose to set the line, fill and color.
  • ''Tracking'': Choose to adjust character and word spacing.
  • ''Auto Kerning'': Select to kern the selection and to convert certain character pairs to ligatures (e.g., fi, fl, etc.) automatically.
  • ''Set Kerning'': Select to customize ''Auto Kerning'' and ''Ligature'' options.
  • ''Leading'': Choose to adjust line spacing.
  • ''Convert Case'': Choose to convert the case of the selection.
  • ''Language'': Choose to select the language of the selection.


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