Finding and Changing Text

1. Choose Find/Change from the Edit menu.

The Find/Change dialog box will appear.

2. Enter the text to find.

Type the search string into the Find text box. To change the found text, enter the new text into the Change text box.

The Find/Change feature has additional flexibility. Type the following codes to take advantage of the extra options:

To insert a character not found on a standard keyboard, click the browse button to the right of the Find or Change string. The Insert Character dialog box will appear. Select the character from the list of characters, and choose OK. Note: Selecting a different font in the Insert Character dialog box will not affect the search or replacement of the text.

3. Begin the search.

Choose whether to search the current article, page, chapter or document. Choose Whole Word when it is not part of a larger word. Choose Case Sensitive to find only the text which exactly matches the capitalization of the find string. Choose Ignore Accents to find text regardless of accented characters. Click Find to begin the search.

If PageStream finds the search string, it will select the first occurrence.

4. Decide whether to replace this occurrence or continue searching.

SectionFind again
You can close the Find/Change dialog box and continue to search for and replace text. Choose Find Again from the Edit menu to search for the next occurrence, or choose Change Again to replace the current occurrence and find the next one. This allows you to make changes quickly and to continue searching without using the mouse.


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