You can create your text directly in PageStream or import it from another program. You must select the ''Text'' tool before you enter new text or edit existing text. When the ''Text'' tool is selected, the mouse pointer will change to the text cursor shape.

Text Cursor

You must position the insertion point (text cursor) before you can enter text. The insertion point is a vertical line that indicates where the new text will appear. As you type each character, the insertion point will move to the right of the new character.

To create a new article: Create text frames for the article and link them as required. Place the insertion point in the first frame and type or import text.

To add text to an existing article: Place the insertion point in the desired position and then type or import text.

To replace an existing article with updated text: Select all of the text in the article by placing the insertion point anywhere in an article and choose ''Select All'' from the ''Edit'' menu and then type or import the new text.

SectionPlacing the Insertion Point
If you choose the ''Text'' tool when a text frame is selected, the insertion point will be placed in that frame automatically. If one was not selected, or if you wish to enter text in a different text frame, you must place the insertion point manually.

To place the insertion point in an existing text frame or text block, move the mouse cursor over it at the desired point and click the mouse button. If there is text where you clicked, the insertion point will be placed there; otherwise, the insertion point will be placed at the end of the article.


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