Documents can be divided into chapters with the Document palette to organize sections of your publication. Chapters may also be organized into sub-chapters.

A document can be a short one page brochure, or a 500 page book. New documents are created by choosing New from the File menu.

SectionDouble-sided pages
Pages are based on master pages, and each master page can be set to single- or double-sided. Single-sided master pages have only one master page side, while double-sided master pages have three possible sides: Left, Center and Right. The center "side" is used for the interior pages of spreads. Each master page "side" has its own page guides.

Single-sided pages are the same whether they would be on the left or right of a publication. Double-sided pages have Inside and Outside margins rather than Left and Right margins. If the Inside and Outside margins are not equal, these margins will be different sizes on left and right pages.

Use single-sided master pages for documents with identical left and right layouts. Use double-sided master pages for documents with different left and right layouts.

Double-sided pages are shown with bent corners in the Page palette, while single-sided pages are shown with normal corners.

SectionFacing pages
Double-sided pages may be shown individually in the window or may be shown side-by-side for easier editing. Double-sided pages are often used for books and magazines, and viewing both pages at once allows you to design the pages in relation to each other.

When double-sided pages are viewed as facing pages, they become automatic page spreads. Objects may overlap both pages. Note that if you insert a single page before the double-sided pages, the page spreads will change automatically.

SectionMaster pages
Each page is based on a master page. Unless you specify otherwise with Page Setup from the Layout menu, pages will be based on the Default Master Page.

The master page determines a page's size and orientation, and whether it is double-sided and facing pages should be shown. You can also set the guide and grid independently for each master page.

SectionPage spreads
Page spreads are used when you want to overlap objects across two or more pages.

Do not confuse page spreads with facing pages. Facing pages are automatic two page horizontal spreads that are created when double-sided documents are view side-by-side. Page spreads are created manually from two or more single- or double-sided pages. Pages in spreads may be joined horizontally or vertically.

You can have up to 9999 pages in a document without chapters. Each chapter may have up to 9999 pages, so the total number of pages in a document can exceed 9999 pages.

Page numbers cannot exceed 9999, regardless of the starting page number of a document or chapter.

The page size is determined by the master page size.


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