Pages are added automatically in PageStream as you create objects on them. You can display any page in a window, but it will not be part of the document until it or a page after it has an object on it unless you manually set the number of pages in the document using document setup.

You can have up to 9999 pages in a document or chapter. With the use of chapters, you can exceed the 9999 page limit.

Each page is based on a master page. This determines its size, orientation, guides and whether it is single or double-sided. Most documents will only have one master page, and are quite simple. The example below shows a document with ten pages based on master page A.

If you have more than one master page in a document, you can choose a master page on which to base each page. All pages will default to the master page created when you started the document, but you can change each page's master page. The example below shows a document with three master pages.

If you are creating a book, newsletter or magazine, you will most likely require double-sided pages. This example shows a document with a double-sided master page. Note that the first page of a double-sided document will be a right hand page.

You can mix single and double-sided master pages in the same document. This is useful if you need a master page for special pages that should be the same, regardless of the page side they fall on. You could use a double-sided master page and duplicate the master page objects and guides on each side, but using a single-sided master page allows you to avoid wasting memory.

Double-sided master pages actually have three sides (left, center and right) because page spreads can be made of more than two pages. (A spread is two or more pages joined together to bleed objects across the pages.) The center master page is used for pages in the middle of the spread.


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