PageStream allows you to divide your document into chapters. You can add pages at the document level, for your table of contents and preface, and at the chapter level, for the body of your document.

You can number the pages in each chapter consecutively or independently. If you number the pages consecutively, you can set whether the next chapter will begin on the next available, next even, or next odd page.

PageStream also allows you to divide your chapters into subchapters, and your subchapters into sub subchapters, etc. You can restart page numbering at the start of any chapter or subchapter, as required. Note that since PageStream formats page numbers at each insertion independently of other page numbers, you can mix numbering systems in your document. For example, you could use Roman numbers in your preface and Arabic numbers in the chapters.

SectionMaster pages in chapters
Master pages can exist at the document, chapter or subchapter level. If a master page is at the document level, any page at any level of the document can use it. If a master page is at the chapter level, only pages in that chapter or its subchapters can use it.

NoteTo move between chapters using the ''Document Palette'', double click on a document or chapter to go to the first page in that document or chapter. Double click on master pages to go to that master page.


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