Step 2: Starting a new document

This document will be double-sided because guides are associated with master page sides in PageStream. The front and back of the menu must have different guide positions to accommodate the folds. Making the document double-sided allows you to set different guide positions for the sides of the menu.

The document must also be landscape orientation; wider than it is tall.

1. Click ''New'' in the ''Navigator''.

The ''New Document'' dialog box will appear.

Change each option in the ''New Document'' dialog box to match the picture shown above.

NoteThis lesson is designed for North American letter-size pages. European users should choose the same page size. (US Letter pages can be printed on A4 paper.) All readers should use picas for this lesson.

2. Click ''OK''.

A document window will appear. If the rulers are not visible, display them now by choosing ''Show Rulers'' from the ''Layout'' menu.


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