Step 5: Changing view magnifications

PageStream allows you to view your document at magnification levels from 5% to 3000% of actual size. The current magnification level is shown on the ''Custom Scale'' button to the right of the ''View'' pop-up menu.

You need to enlarge the top of the page so that you can work on it more easily, so choose the ''Show Full Width'' command now from the ''View'' pop-up menu. This will change the magnification so that the entire width of the page can be seen at once, regardless of the height.

Depending on your screen size, you may need to use the vertical scrollbar to adjust the portion of the page shown in the window. If so, adjust it now so that you can see the top of the page.

The ''View'' pop-up menu is located in the horizontal scrollbar at the bottom of the document window.


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